Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a thing about archers

I don't know when it started. This may be an influence from my childhood immersion in anime, but it can't be helped. I'm really into archers.

Swordsman and strong and courageous, but they fight on the frontline, and I think it's more dangerous. Using bow and arrow on the other hand allows you to hide, shoot from afar, and hit (if you have a good aim). And I just think it's a really kick-ass thing, to hit the target from a distance. So, I can't help but be amazed whenever I see archers, in animation or movies.

Magic knight rayearth - Animone (Fuu)
She's that silent-type, of all the three protagonists in this anime. But she's the first earliest archer I have followed. ( I really can't recall my earliest memory of Robin Hood animation well enough.)

Before they had their magical weapons, they were given ordinary ones, and Fuu took the bow and arrow. The thing I remember most about her character was the time when, they need to defeat something, and they can't get near it. Only she has the chance to hit it with her arrow, but she was too reluctant of her ability. But, good thing, she was able to gather her confidence and do it.

Inuyasha - Kagome
If it hadn't been for Kagome, unwittingly hitting and shattering the magic crystal, they wouldn't go through all those hard time gathering it again. But there would be no story either.

Anyway, Kagome is fearless in most circumstances. Not only she's an archer, she is also an adept swimmer.

The Lord of the Rings - Legolas
Orlando Bloom as Legolas, is my first ever absolute archer crush. I wouldn't even watch this movie, if it weren't for him. I consciously avoid movies with the hint of violence, because I avoid the nightmare that follows me at night. But because of him, playing Legolas, I was able to stand it. He's a definition of awesome.

The hunger games - Katniss
I have yet to read the book, but I have already watched the movie. A female protagonist. A female acher protagonist. Cool! Her character is strong, she has the survivor aura. I think Jennifer Lawrence portrayed  her character very well.

The Avengers - Hawkeye
And of course, the latest movie 'The Avengers'. Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Hawkeye is another awesome thing that really made me write this entry. He was really convincing. There were lots of super heroes in the movie, and Chris Evans is a really handsome Captain America, but it was hawkeye's move who I was wishing to see on the screen- why? Because he is one heck of an archer. :P


  1. Isn't this condition a universal thing? :) For me, it's the idea that archery has been in existence for hundreds of years and it's not something you learn out on the street. When I was in high school, I wished that my school would offer archery as an elective! :)

  2. Too bad, there isn't an elective like this in h.s.

    Yes, it's awesome that this sports has survived the decades.


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