Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wag kang Oo nang Oo

Tama naman. Kung hindi ok sayo yung setting ng isang bagay or yung pinag uusapan, wag kang oo nang oo agad, kundi baka magsisi ka lang bandang huli.

Pag isipan mo muna mabuti ang lahat, bago ka sumagot.

Stop Regretting and Forgive Yourself

Have you ever done something that made you regret so much? Like committing a mistake where everybody got affected, or not doing something you should’ve done or doing something you shouldn’t?

Sometimes we feel so bad about it we keep on beating ourselves. We keep on going back to that moment and keep on cursing, beating and blaming ourselves for what happened.

Sometimes we put the blame on other people. We can’t accept that we are the only one’s to blame so we find fault on others too.

Do that all day, all year or all your life, but in the end it would get you nowhere.

Regretting and repenting over something you’ve done is good, in the sense that you acknowledge you’ve done something wrong and you’re sorry for it.

But sometimes we tend to just be stuck on that. Maybe what we did was something irreversible or something so serious, everything and everyone got affected. Or worst we became the victims of our own actions, and it’s nobody’s fault but ours. So we put our every energy in blaming ourselves.

But as I said, it would get you nowhere, if anything it will just leave you feeling worst. So take some time to really address the issue.

We’ve already done it, it’s over. We can’t turn back time even if we want to, So try to accept it, and let go.

Second, learn from it. Try to gel all the things you can learn from that experience and remember what you learn with your heart, so next time you know what to do.

And of course, forgive yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You deserve a second chance.

Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone has regrets in life. What is important is that we keep moving forward. Don’t get stuck in that moment, you won’t know what beauty lies ahead.

So, stop regretting, forgive yourself, keep hope and move forward in life. :)

Take Your Chance

Take your chance if you have one. Don’t let fear or procrastination or negativity get in your way. Don’t let them cripple you. Take your chance when you still have time- not tomorrow, but today.

Because if not you will be filled with the “what if’s” in your life. You will keep coming back to that moment when you have a chance but turned your back.

Just a warning though, taking a chance is not the end. The next thing would be the result. And there would only be two: either you succeed or you fail.

Everybody dreams of success. We have envisioned it and ready to embrace it the moment it comes. But we dread of failure. The feeling of utter defeat especially by a move you make.

There’s not a question about success, but one thing to ask is, are you ready to fail, if ever?
Taking a chance is a risk, and you should be ready for the result, be it success of failure.

Failure is something people can’t easily accept. It’s one thing we, as much as possible, try to avoid. So most of the time it’s either we succeed or we play it safe.

Everyone has a failure experience. Actually successful people fail more than the unsuccessful ones. What’s the difference? I guess it’s what they do about it.

If you take a chance and succeed, that would be a great victory.

If you take a chance and fail, you would learn a great deal.

But if you let if pass and just wait on the sidelines, there would come a time you’ll have that “what if” in your life. Now you don’t want that to happen, do you? It’s not everyday that it happens, so when opportunity strike, grab it.

So I say stop playing safe. It’s better to take a chance and fail than not to take any chance at all.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kung busy ka, wag ka mag 'available'

Nakakabanas talaga ang mga taong 'available' kuno ang status sa mga messenger tapos pag pini-em mo eh sasabihan kang busy sila.

Sige, sabihin na natin na di naman sadya yun. Malay mo hindi sila marunong magpalit ng availability... lolz.. hahahaha!!! (kumbinsihin ba ang sarili)

Ano ba yan, napaka freak ko naman. Siguro nga busy lang sya. At care ko ba kung di nya ko kausapin. Che! Hindi ako affected. Hindi talaga. (sige, maganda yan, deny lang ng deny.)

Well, isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito. Meron na naman akong thought/s for the day:

--->Dapat i-exercise ko pa ang self control ko, para di agad ako maapektuhan ng petty things.
--> at dapat di ako agad magpaapekto sa ibang tao.
--> at pinaka important: wag kang freak! Kung negative lang ang naiisip mo, better na wag ka na lang mag- isip. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hay buhay...

bakit pa parang nakakatamad na mabuhay.. wala akong magawa..
masaya to, wala akong trabaho.. nakakabato..
hays... san lupalop kaya pwede bumili ng motivation at
will to live...?
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