Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Haiku-Hachi to Haiku Kyu

I thought of this as I was having breakfast yesterday. (Talk about sudden ideas.)

Wake up sleepy head
Start your day with a prayer
And live it fully.

This one below, I found written on my notebook dated sometime in May this year. I guess I was still on my 'emo' mode when I wrote this, haha!

Miss you
Waves of emotions
fills these empty mind and heart
I think I miss you.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I always get this light-bulb moments in unexpected places. Here's one while I was riding a jeepney on my way home.

Time is on your side
When you know how to use it
Spend it wisely, friend.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great buys in National Bookstore

I love books, but I’m not the type who would go loco over book sales and patiently take time to find titles in those piles of unsorted books.

I am learning foreign language at the moment, and need some reference materials. I know buying those books could cause and arm and a leg, so I actually included it in my Christmas wish list. :P

And then I saw this sale by the National bookstore, and thought I’d try my luck. 

I went over few shelves scanning the titles, hoping to chance upon some references for my language study. Nothing here. I moved on to the ones on the tables where people keep tossing and turning the unpiled books. Skim, skim, skim. Nothing again.

I was ready to give up, as I was thinking “isn’t there something for me here?!’ As I turned to leave, my eyes caught a glimpse of that little book with a red spine. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read the title, ‘Chambers French Verbs’ it’s as if it was there waiting for me!

I quickly glance over some shelves and found some similar books. I raided the place and found several language materials, other fun readable books, and imagine, I just spent about $10. It was my lucky day!

Now, I think my perception of book sales has changed. You’ll definitely find something; you just have to be patient on your quest to find it. ;)

A Pleasant Surprise!

Surprises really awaken that special feeling within me, from the most extravagant to the most simple ones. It makes me feel like I have something more than I have imagined.

We had a Kris-kringle in the workplace, as part of the Christmas season. One of the categories is ‘something delicious.’ Being a certified brownie lover, I put it on my wish list. I originally thought of asking one from Brownies Unlimited, but since the amount of the gift should only cost about $1, I thought it wouldn't be practical. So I just asked for a brownie at KFC, since it was more affordable compared to Brownies Unlimited.

But lo and behold! When I received my gift it wasn't from KFC, but from that particular brownie brand I was craving for. That simple surprise made me smile from ear to ear, not to mention filling my tummy with the delicious treats.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So I'm a layout artist now?!

I don't know why some people really have a lot of confidence in me.
You know, like when they count on you to do things for them.

Sometimes I wonder if they really believe I can do it, or they can't just find someone who will? Anyway, I would just like to think it's the first.

I'm no savvy in Photoshop or graphics design to be honest. But one of my friends in the office asked me to design a greeting card for her giveaways. I said I would try. She said I can. And so I tried.

Well, this is the result. It's simple, but I think it's decent enough. ;P
I hope she likes it.

Some things just don't go your way

As I was going home tonight, I've been thinking of the coming weekend, and my plan of treating out my cousin. I have already thought of where to go and what to do.

And when I got home, I was told that she needs to go home, tomorrow, because of an urgent matter. Wow. I was like what?! Are you serious??? But I've just thought of something to do with her...!

Well... I guess that's life. It let's you dream, and think to your heart's content, but it doesn't promise to make them all come true. More often, it gives you something unexpected. Sometimes it lets you down. But it shouldn't be a reason to whine, just because things didn't go your way. It's a reality of life and we have to deal with it.

I'll just think it's okay. At least we were able to spend time together even for a while. Anyway, treasured memory is better to remember than unfulfilled wish.

Some things will just don't go our way- plans, aspirations, even simple wishes. But it's not a reason to be unhappy. Who knows it might better that way, after all it could be a blessing in disguise that we just don't realize.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Don't be troubled

John 14:1
Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in Me.

(A very timing verse for me, nice!)
When that fine line of sanity,worries, and feelings blur, that floodgate of thoughts just burst open, and we end up troubled and restless, it's good to realize we don't have to go through it alone. Jesus is there to help us out.

Isn't it Jesus' command not to feel troubled, why then is our spirit not in sync? Jesus didn't say these out of nothing. He even made a promise.

John 14:13-14
And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask anything in my name , and I will do it.

Not He 'may' or 'can' do it but He 'will'. It's his way of telling us He would help us, all he needs is our trust. He can't work with us when we're in doubt. He works through our faith.^^

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Just how can I see?
When there’s water in my eyes
And feelings pour out.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Haiku- Yon to Haiku-Go

Rain or shine I'm here
I won't leave nor forsake you
because I love you.

Why do you feel down?
See, My works are wonderful
One of them is you.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Silently I sit
Thinking "make a break or wait?"
I want to be free.


It's raining again
In my mind, and I'm lonely
Please save me from this.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I just have this inspiration to try writing Haiku, from my best bud who also do it. (Yeah you know who you are.)
Btw, Haiku is a kind of poem in Japan, mainly consisting of three lines, with 5-7-5 syllable measures.

I think it's cool to be able to write your feelings in prose^^ ( when you don't want to say it straight)

This doesn't sound jolly at all, still... I wrote it down hehe :) Here's my first take:

Too much
I'm over thinking
Lost in sea of emotions
Oh God hear me out...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small beginnings

As I was reading the biographies of popular actors and actresses, I realized one thing: They didn't become famous instantly; they worked themselves up, starting with insignificant roles, meeting disappointments and trials along the way, until they get where they are now.

Then it hit me. Great things start from small beginnings.

(Ok, I know it's from Milo but anyway, it's true.)

I guess it also applies the same way with ordinary people. Too often we don't try because we are afraid; afraid to fail and to be disappointed. The feeling that what you have isn't enough to get you where you want.

Or sometimes, we are too proud of what we have we think we don't deserve to play just that 'insignificant part'.

But keeping yourself afraid will just paralyze you. It's better to be afraid and do it anyway, than just be afraid and do nothing. Trials, disappointments would surely hurt, but it's the only way to make us better, to make us stronger.

Pride can be a poison inside you. It will hinder your development because you think you already have enough. How can you fill a cup that's already full?

We won't get where we want if we would just expect happy-endings all the time, even roses have their thorns.
 In the same way, we also have to face whatever might hurt in order to have a beautiful reward.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The English language is tricky, and we all know it.

Now if you're the type of person who likes skipping or sleeping in English classes, then this one might be for you. Here are reasons why you should really be paying attention to verbs, prepositions and vocabulary.

As an esl teacher, I have heard a lot of times  expressions gone bad and stirred out the imagination in me, just because what the student mean to say in his mind, didn't really go well with his sentence.

So now, I'm going to share a compilation of few bloopers they made. I have no intention to belittle anyone who doesn't have good English skills, I'm just writing this for fun ;)
  • The storm has passed away. (Should I say r.i.p or should I jump for joy? :P)
  • I suffered from hard work  (Is hard work an illness now? /parang sakit lang ang hard work.. hehe)
  • I had a dinner with Korean galbi. (ok, you're the kind of person who dates with food :P /Oh sige ikaw na ang may ka-date na pagkain.)
  • I'm breaking now  (Humpty dumpty is that you?!   O.o )
  • My high blood pressure is normal.(Just what? /Ano raw?! O.o)
  • My company send Japan for me(Oh your company is rich!/Ang yaman ng company nyo ah..)
  • I was drinking together with my colleagues in the tree (Are you tree spirits?/Mga engkanto ba kayo? o.0)
  • I ate my friends. (Did you eat them alive?! x.x)

So that ends the list. I'll try to keep tabs if I ever encounter one again, but I think it'll take long, since my students are already on their way to improvement. ;P

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Language mix-up

"Salut, comment vas-tu?"
Why am I thinking of you?
"Konnichiwa genki desu."
I better stick to my Japanese.

I count the days that pass by
Un,deux,trois... then I stopped with a sigh
It's supposed to be ichi, ni, san...
I'm slipping again oh man!

Colors are everywhere
Rouge, orenji, jaune
Vibrant flowers are in bloom.
Midori, ao, indigo, violet
Hues of twilight droplets.

For now all I can do is try
And hope I'll improve by and by.
In these strange tongues I can only speak a few
so this is what I want to tell you
Itsumo, kiotsukete,
à bientôt, bonne journee!

drawing by: Gwan275

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I miss drawing

As I saw my old sketches I felt like I miss drawing.

It's been a while since I last took time to try to put into black and white the thing I have in mind.

Subconsciously I feel like I'm putting it off for some reason. But it goes to show that it's really a part of me, and I just can't throw it away.

Hey, now that I look at them, I know I'm really blessed, and I have this gift. I just need to continue honing it.

I guess I better get back to work. I have the ideas I need and I can't let them perish.^^

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Must watch: 3 Idiots

I've just finished watching the Indian movie 3 Idiots.
The film is really awesome I don't think my words could be able to explain it, you just have to check it out yourself.

It's comedy, romance, drama, and a lot more all rolled into one.!
Of course, a good film wouldn't end without quotable quotes and heart-gripping soundtracks.
So let's have some:

-The heart gets easily scared, you have to trick it. However big the problem is, tell your heart "All is well".  

-First year or fourth year, it's knowledge. Just grab it.

-Study to be accomplished, not to be affluent.

-Follow excellence and success will chase you down.

-For once dump your fears, or someday on your deathbed, you're going to regret it.

Here's an excerpt from one of the soundtracks:
In this journey of a few strides
On the path called life
Don't quit just celebrate the ride.

Listen please to those who love you
Every dark night is followed by sunlight
Don't shut those who love you. 

(not the so-energetic All is well soundtrack, but I like this too coz of the melody. Let's hear it.^^)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's time to add something on my 'what I can do' list

*Nakakabaro ako hin Bisaya bisan na usa pa la ako ka beses nasingadto ha among probinsya.
Ginyayakan ining Bisaya ha among balay ng akong mga paryente.

*English has been part of the Filipino Education system. It has been taught starting from Nursery, and that way, most Filipinos become fluent in English, even better than other Asian speakers.

*Pag pagod na mag-English, magtatagalog na, nose bleed eh. Madali lang ang tagalog, pero marami ring rules at exceptions.

Ako ay isang pinoy, sa puso't diwa, pinoy na isinilang sa aking bansa.
Pero sanay ako sa isang wika ng mga banyaga, at iyan ay ang Ingles.
Naging napakalaking tulong nito sa akin, at sa pagsisimula ng aking career.

I've grown up in the city, far from my parents' hometown, but despite the distance, I'm proud to say that somehow I can understand and speak the Waray or Bisaya language.( Yes, it is not just a dialect. That's one of the regional languages in the Philippines.) Even if I didn't grow up in the province, my parents were generous enough to immerse us in the Waray language at home. And that's how I got to learn it, through listening, trial and errors in trying to speak it, eventually I got a bit better.

As for English, it has been part of the Education system in the Philippines starting from Nursery. And I'm thankful for that.

So all in all, I know 3 languages.Tagalog = proficient/ Waray =errr... basic survival to conversational / English = ehem.. I think proficient lol.

But I think it's high time that I would add some if I can.

English was my favorite subject back in high school.It wasn't easy to learn it. There are a lot of crazy things and exceptions in the English language. But through constant studying and perseverance, it gradually seem easy.

I think it's the same with other languages I might decide to learn.
Immersion is the best way to learn a language, but thank God the internet was invented, now we can find some useful information in the net on how to do it. Plus there are helpful netizens out there who are willing to help.

I believe God will not lead us to a dead end dream. Even if something might seem hard or impossible, it's only in our thoughts. The truth is, behind the door of that dream lies opportunities.

And if we give up just because the door is hard to open, we opt to leave the opportunities wasted.
And I don't want to do that.

I know, I myself, or other people might think that I'm 'already-old-for that-stuff', like learning another language or learning an instrument. But no, these are just lies in my head, and I shouldn't listen to them.

The truth is, as long as you're alive, you have a chance, so take your chance and do improve.

Whatever happened to my fruitful distractions, it was serious!

Seriously... I don't know how many times I've traveled a certain place, with a certain person, spending all the time with him.

 Too bad to think it's only in my mind.

I said this blog will be my distractions, but instead of thinking of something to put here, I flee to dream land, with my illusions on both hands.

But now I know I have to go back and face my reality.
I have to let go of the fantasy.

I have to set my mind straight.
I pray to God that He help me set my way straight, to his plans, and not to my wishful thoughts.

Someday, there may be a chance, when all I've been dreaming will come true,
but for that to happen, I first have to go through the real stuff.
Train and persevere. Work hard and be determined.
Honor God and ask Him to keep guiding me.

I know that God's best is better than mine.
When we ask God,it's not a matter of 'possibility' or 'impossibility'.
It's a matter of God's timing. :)

Remember, God's delays are not God's denials. :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

awesome chance!

Just had a family day out today after watching a movie.

Before the dinner at a restaurant me, my 2 sis and our parents( my bro was at work so it's just 5 of us) took turns in taking a picture of each other. After the dinner we had some picture taking again, and there was this woman on the next table watching us.

Me and my sis' thought 'hey what the heck is she staring at?',  she might be thinking we were stupidly stretching our hands to get to take pictures our family where everyone would fit in.

And then, when we were about to leave things turned around. This Ms. Shutter Stranger did the 670th awesome thing! She said something like 'the chance would be wasted' if she wouldn't do it.

What a nice person, she made our night! :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too considerate?

Sometimes I wonder, am I too considerate or too kind to let myself be under treated or let myself be taken for granted? Wouldn't it be easier to just bitch out and complain about that small thing?
But being bitchy is really not so me. I'll try to reason out with logic than just letting my emotions get the best of me.  But sometimes it's really darn hard to do it... So next time, bitch out or stay calm?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out of sight Out of Mind

If we don't see someone or something frequently, we tend to forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.

But it's not exclusively true in some cases. Sometimes the absence of that thing or person can build up a longing and their mere thought can trigger an avalanche of emotions we are trying to hold back.

And it's hard to fight yourself. The battle of mind and heart can be so much that it'll consume us and would find it's way out of us (Pimple breakout, Sleeplessness, Loss of appetite and the likes...) if we don't do something about it, we're doomed...

So what to do???

I can't afford to drown myself in assumptions and day dreaming, no matter how inviting they may seem. It will be an utter disappointment and defeat for me to be holding on to those. I guess I have to mind my thoughts and make some conscious effort to tune out the "[Insert name] Channel".

 This is really where "MY FRUITFUL DISTRACTIONS" should come in. I have to switch to another channel. Think of something that will divert my attention and make me think of something else, until such time that this Out of sight, out of mind business will hold true for me.


LSS makes me real sleepless

It's already 1:43am of a Saturday. I should have hit the sack an hour ago, but I'm still here humming Simple Plan's I Can wait forever, and Relient K's The Best Thing.

Darn! I don't know what triggered me, but it feels like I'm hypnotized, and I just can't help listening to them.

Anyway I think I should have the control over myself, and not myself having control over me. So I'm gonna sleep now. (After 1 more replay for each. lol)

Credits to:

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Caramoan Day 3

 Day 3 - Heading Home

Note: The boats in Guijalo Port scheduled departures are every hour starting at 7 am until 12.

Before 8 – Tricycle to Guijalo (P100 for trip)
8am – from Guijalo to Sabang Port (P 120)
Around 10am- Arrival at Sabang Port
                -Take Van to Naga (P100)
Around 12nn – Arrival at Naga
                -Lunch at SM Naga.

Then from here you can take your route home, either by bus or by plane.

Other Details:
A. Places to eat:
1.Lutong Bahay – Affordable and delicious food
Basics: Rice P10 // Vegies P15 // Meat: P40

2. Caramoan Bed and Dine – A bit expensive
Rice  P 10//Viand – Prices range from P100 up, except for the silog menu which is about P60+

B. Souvenirs:
You can buy on the second day of your stay, after the island trip, or early the next day before leaving.
Stores close early, before 8pm.
 Some stores are already open at around 7am.
Keychains/ Trinklets:  P25 each, but you can haggle if you’re going to buy a lot.
T-shirt : P150

C. If taking the bus home
1. There are only 3 or four stops in the whole 10 hour drive. They have one stop for eating lunch, others are for toilet breaks/ waiting for passengers.
2. You have to eat lunch quick. Like really quick, you don’t want to be the last person to get in the bus, right?
Note: The food price is a bit expensive.
3. There is toilet fee. It’s P5.
4. In Quezon province, there are some vendors who go onboard to sell their products. The peanut tart from “Triple K” is good.  (A vendor even have some samples free.)

Trip to Caramoan Day 2

Day 2: This is it, pusit!

7am – Call time
                -Take tricycle to Bikal (P150 per trip)
Note: (the trike was set up by the inn owner. See if you can try to find others with discount)
                - Journey starts at Bikal Port

Maybe 8 am or past 8 
               -Arrival at Tabgon  to see Our Lady of Peace at Mt. Caglago.
Note: (Tourist guides will welcome you upon your arrival at Tabgon and it’s up to you how much tip to give.
Our lady of Peace – a 500-step ascend to the mountain. Tiring, yes. You need a bottle of water. But the scenery is rewarding.  )

Past 9:30am – Back from the hike. Now let’s go island hopping

Matukad Island
 This is the most beautiful Island from the roster. It has fine white sand, a rock formation that you can take fancy in climbing.)

Lahos Island
-The sand here s a bit brown than Matukad, but still fine. This island is has plenty of floating sea err.. weeds or plants. (A shooting spot for Survivor India, but they’re done shooting here.)

Catbaligan  Island
-The sand somewhat light gray but still fine. This island has a steep rock formation.

Tawad Island
-The sand here is a combination of black and white, nature is creatively forming the colors in it’\s shore lines. There are lots of holes in the sand here, so there could be some crustaceans lurking underneath.

Boat price:
In Bikal if the itinerary is only island hopping the price is P1,500.
If you are going to Tabgon for the 500 step hike, it’s P2,000. They say that this place is out of the way from the islands, hence the additional price.

Prepare food for lunch.
Be back before dark.
Don’t forget to give tips to whoever should be given.

Trip to Caramoan Information

I’m grateful to bloggers who post some information regarding their travels, without such aid, it’ll be hard for other aspiring travelers to have ideas on what to do or expect. So here, I noted what I can from my recent trip with my friends last July 22-24 2011.

Trip to Caramoan Itinerary
Day 1: Bon Voyage!

(Via Plane
Note: It’s better to take the earliest flight to Naga if going by plane, since the travel time in the province will be long both by land and boat.)

6am – flight to Naga
About 6:50 – Arrival at Naga
Note: There will be some taxi drivers or the likes that are for hire, but their prices are ripped off.
If not going to ride those taxis, then walk straight towards a road. You can wait for a tricycle to take you to the main road. (P10)
                  -Take a Jeep to SM Naga (P12)

Past 7am - Arrival at SM Naga.
(Note: Mall still closed. If taking breakfast, there’s a Jollibee about 5 min. walk./ or nearby Carinderias )

8:45 am - Van to Sabang Port (P 100)
Note: (You can ask around for the terminal or, look for the Mister Donut store along a short alley. It leads to the terminal)

10:30 am – Arrival at Sabang Port.
  -  Boat ride to Guijalo Port (P120)
(Note: Should be at Guijalo Port by this time, because there’s a schedule for the boat ride)

12:30 nn.- Arrival at Guijalo Port.
-          Take a tricycle to the inn you’ll be checking in.
(e.g: Villa Julianna  - P100 for the trip.)

12:45nn. – Arrival at Villa Juliana
(Check in – P750 a night for 3 persons. +P200 for additional person/s.)

To maximize the day you can still explore few parts of the town. (P100 for the trip)
e.g:  1.St.  Michael Archangel Parish - Good place to take photos of flowers, and the church.

2. Bulang-bugang  cave – small cave( w/o exit) in a small pond or body of water.
(Note: You can’t possibly go to the cave without getting wet. But the soil in the water is loose and could get murky when you walk on it. Nothing much to explore here, save for the dragon fly with a striking blue-black shining wings.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jane Eyre Quotes v.1

Wow, I’m really into Jane Eyre aren’t I? For this part, these are some parts uttered by the characters, which I find interesting or deep and meaningful.

Just a background:
 Helen Burns- a student at Lowood School. About 4 years older than Jane. She is a simple girl who often forgets to get things done, thus inflict punishment from a severe teacher. Although she may be ordinary she had a deeper view on things, which at that time, Jane couldn’t seem to understand. They became friends for a brief time. Why only for a brief time? You have to find that out yourself. :P

Mr. Rochester –a middle aged man, who has a sort of temperamental character. The owner of the place in which Jane was accepted to be a governess.

Ok quotes, here we go!

“Yet it would be your duty to bear it, if you could not avoid it. It is weak and silly to say that you cannot bear what it is your fate required to you to bear.”  - Helen Burns  (to Jane)

“Life appears to me too short to be spent nursing animosity and registering wrongs” -Helen Burns

“If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all their own way...” -Jane Eyre (to Helen)

“God waits only the separation of spirit from flesh, to crown us with a full reward. Why then should we ever sink of distress, when life is so soon over, and death is so certain an entrance to happiness - to glory." - Helen Burns (to Jane)

“Now I remembered the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears and sensations and excitements awaited those who has courage to go fourth its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.” - Jane Eyre (to herself)

“It seems to me, that if you tried hard, you would in time find it possible to become what you yourself would approve; and that if from this day you began with resolution to correct your thoughts and actions, you would in a few years have laid up a new and stainless store of recollections, to which you might revert with pleasure.” - Jane Eyre (to Mr. Rochester)

Currently Reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Finally, I’m able to read this Classic novel. I’m curious to find out Jane’s story, from the moment my classmate in college seemed to enjoy the all-small-print-book he was reading. But then at that time aside from school work, I was much hesitant since old English style would definitely make my nose bleed.

But as I said I was curious, and besides, we are namesake so I want to know if we somehow resemble some character, or if there are any traits I could adopt from her.

Jane Eyre is an orphan who was adopted by her uncle Reed.

The Reeds are well to do family, but since Jane’s mother married just a simple clergyman which was against her parents’ will she was stripped of her right to wealth. Both of Jane’s parents died of plague leaving her alone.

Too bad for Jane, after her uncle’s death, all she received from her aunt and cousins were abuse. After some time it was decided to let her go to school. She spent all eight years of her life in its confinement.  Deciding she needs a change of horizon and wanting to have more real life experience, she decided to advertise herself. Fortunately someone answered to it and made her a governess of a little girl. And the start of her adventure with new people begins. (Well I’m not done reading yet so this is as far as I could go ;) )

It’s a good thing I have a dictionary just within my reach while reading this. There are times I can’t advance in a paragraph without looking at the meaning of a word, or there are times that I have to go back to some lines to make out their meaning. Bronte’s writing style is of course influenced by the literature standard and vocabulary standard at that time. (which is spelled NOSEBLEED).

Anyway, putting that aside, I guess she has a good way of putting the character’s emotion in paper. The story is set out in a first person point of view. So you can imagine it’s almost like an autobiography. But it’s more than that. She has this way of describing things you can imagine it in your head (or sort of).
And she has a really specific way of letting the readers know of Jane’s inner feelings.

Other info:
Oh well, you got to have a translator with you. It’s really nice we have the internet now right? You see one character there, the little darling Adelé, mostly speak French, and so she was answered back in French (which is a source of yet another nose bleed) and so to make out what she says you need that indispensable tool.  But you know it’s a good way to learn some new French expressions isn’t it?

Opera Widgets and Jane Eyre

Yeah the title of the classic novel is just Jane Eyre I know, so where the heck did Widgets come from? Oh well, I have to talk about both of them first before I can move on to have a more comprehensive  say about either of them.

For starters, I have been wanting to read this classic Jane Eyre back in college, when I saw one of my friends reading it, and he did seem to enjoy the story. I was sort of curious. But at that time it was at the bottom of my priority list and so forgot all about it up until now.

Now of course, I’m working and spending a lot of time in front of the computer but for work and for idle moments.  Now the standard browser that we are using in the office is Opera. And you know, it has a really entertaining add-on. And this is where Widgets come in. (Drum roll)

Widgets are collections of add-ons that Opera users can enjoy. You can get free stuff ranging from stop watches, timers, games, and of course my favorite ebook Reader! (I guess you'll need to download opera first before downloading its widget.)

So this ebook Reader offers a vast range of FREE, yes free reading materials! From the classics, to the self published ones, you just have to browse it, of type in the title of the book you are finding, and hopefully gets a positive result.

Anyway, that’s it, this is where I have found the copy of Jane Eyre, which made it possible for me to read it free... yehey!  I have actually finished a few books with this reader like Arabian nights, Alice in Wonderland, Through the looking glass, some chapters of Sherlock Holmes, and some self published short stories.

Monday, July 4, 2011

More Than Useless

I've been quite lazy last June. My mind went on juggling from my present situation to thinking about the future, to the things I want to do, to the things I've been putting off doing. And it kind of went like that for most of the month. I was lost inside the crossroad of my mind. I haven't even had time to keep in touch with my friends.

I was so absorbed with self doubts and hesitations about myself. That's when I found this song, and it shed light to me. No matter what  I think, I can't rule out the fact, that to Him I am More Than Useless...^^

  I've been a fan of Relient K, and it's just good to know that they have songs almost anyone could relate to . :)

Credit to: windaskk for the video.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drawing inspired by Canon

This has been on my mind for a long time; what I imagine when I listen to the music Canon by Pachelbel. I've made this sketch early this June 2011.I'm happy I'm finally done coloring it, and the outcome as I think is good.

Imagine spring under the Cherry blossom tree. . Feel the breeze and the blossoms dancing with it, now with Canon in the background. That's where this idea came from.^^

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time and Prince Charming

“Once upon a time”
Words that little girls would love to hear
A world created in fantasy,
Where a damsel in distress is always to be set free

“Once upon a time”
There the tale began
And the little girls wait patiently as they listen to the story.
Of course the magic is not complete
Until prince charming and his princess meet.

Prince Charming,
He is all that’s needed
Courageous and mighty, he comes.
To save the princess from doom
And later on decides to be her groom.

Or if not, Prince Charming would come as a solitary man.
Seeking for his true love as we know
And to find it, in any place he would go.
He is not attracted by vanity or grandeur
But a beauty with a loving heart is what he’s really looking for.

When the story has ended
Little girls would dream
That when they grow up
They would find their own prince charming

But reality is where we live
Here fairy tale love stories hardly exist.
When it’s finally time to be a lady
Little girls ought to know to leave the world of fantasy.

They have to be vigilant and careful
Before loving somebody with their all
For they would have to deal with real experience
Where one mistake could lead to consequence
And there may not be a prince charming to catch their fall.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You have to have an end goal

When we have dreams and goals it’s not enough motivation to do things just because we like it or we want it.

When like and want starts to fade we’ll start to question whatever we’ve started doing, whether it’s worth pursuing or not. And most of the time when we don’t find the answers to our questions sometimes we stop dead in the middle of our race.
That’s why we need to have something bigger than just our sudden desire to do it, want it or like it.

We need to have an end goal. We need to know what we are after, the reason why we work hard and persevere, so when we feel tired in pursuing it, we have a something to look forward to and to keep us moving.

It’s hard to run the race when the finish line is still out of sight, what’s more when we don’t have enough reason to reach it.

“You can’t have it if you’re not ready to receive it.”

Even if we want to achieve things, if we are not ready, and if we have doubts in our hearts and we keep making excuses for things, then it will be hard for that thing to come to pass.

We have to be ready first in our hearts and mind and it will manifest in our actions. We have to believe it first in order to receive it.

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." -Mark 11:24 ESV

Saturday, May 7, 2011


No matter how I wish for you to see
You never cared to look at me
The words I wished to tell you
Are all drowned in desperate plea
Because you won’t listen to me.

Again and again I reached out to you
And again …yet again you won’t let me through.

You kept attacking me with words so blunt
Was it your excruciating way to break my heart?

Broken and solitary
There’s no comfort left
And I don’t want you to see
The pain that’s burdening me.

It’s my weakness but I won’t let it show
You won’t see me beg for your attention
I’ll let this longing for you become my inhibition.

I’ll keep my heart to myself
And hope that in time
You’ll see what you’ve done
Before it’s too late and everything’s gone.
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