Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Caramoan Day 3

 Day 3 - Heading Home

Note: The boats in Guijalo Port scheduled departures are every hour starting at 7 am until 12.

Before 8 – Tricycle to Guijalo (P100 for trip)
8am – from Guijalo to Sabang Port (P 120)
Around 10am- Arrival at Sabang Port
                -Take Van to Naga (P100)
Around 12nn – Arrival at Naga
                -Lunch at SM Naga.

Then from here you can take your route home, either by bus or by plane.

Other Details:
A. Places to eat:
1.Lutong Bahay – Affordable and delicious food
Basics: Rice P10 // Vegies P15 // Meat: P40

2. Caramoan Bed and Dine – A bit expensive
Rice  P 10//Viand – Prices range from P100 up, except for the silog menu which is about P60+

B. Souvenirs:
You can buy on the second day of your stay, after the island trip, or early the next day before leaving.
Stores close early, before 8pm.
 Some stores are already open at around 7am.
Keychains/ Trinklets:  P25 each, but you can haggle if you’re going to buy a lot.
T-shirt : P150

C. If taking the bus home
1. There are only 3 or four stops in the whole 10 hour drive. They have one stop for eating lunch, others are for toilet breaks/ waiting for passengers.
2. You have to eat lunch quick. Like really quick, you don’t want to be the last person to get in the bus, right?
Note: The food price is a bit expensive.
3. There is toilet fee. It’s P5.
4. In Quezon province, there are some vendors who go onboard to sell their products. The peanut tart from “Triple K” is good.  (A vendor even have some samples free.)

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