Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Caramoan Information

I’m grateful to bloggers who post some information regarding their travels, without such aid, it’ll be hard for other aspiring travelers to have ideas on what to do or expect. So here, I noted what I can from my recent trip with my friends last July 22-24 2011.

Trip to Caramoan Itinerary
Day 1: Bon Voyage!

(Via Plane
Note: It’s better to take the earliest flight to Naga if going by plane, since the travel time in the province will be long both by land and boat.)

6am – flight to Naga
About 6:50 – Arrival at Naga
Note: There will be some taxi drivers or the likes that are for hire, but their prices are ripped off.
If not going to ride those taxis, then walk straight towards a road. You can wait for a tricycle to take you to the main road. (P10)
                  -Take a Jeep to SM Naga (P12)

Past 7am - Arrival at SM Naga.
(Note: Mall still closed. If taking breakfast, there’s a Jollibee about 5 min. walk./ or nearby Carinderias )

8:45 am - Van to Sabang Port (P 100)
Note: (You can ask around for the terminal or, look for the Mister Donut store along a short alley. It leads to the terminal)

10:30 am – Arrival at Sabang Port.
  -  Boat ride to Guijalo Port (P120)
(Note: Should be at Guijalo Port by this time, because there’s a schedule for the boat ride)

12:30 nn.- Arrival at Guijalo Port.
-          Take a tricycle to the inn you’ll be checking in.
(e.g: Villa Julianna  - P100 for the trip.)

12:45nn. – Arrival at Villa Juliana
(Check in – P750 a night for 3 persons. +P200 for additional person/s.)

To maximize the day you can still explore few parts of the town. (P100 for the trip)
e.g:  1.St.  Michael Archangel Parish - Good place to take photos of flowers, and the church.

2. Bulang-bugang  cave – small cave( w/o exit) in a small pond or body of water.
(Note: You can’t possibly go to the cave without getting wet. But the soil in the water is loose and could get murky when you walk on it. Nothing much to explore here, save for the dragon fly with a striking blue-black shining wings.

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