Saturday, July 9, 2011

Opera Widgets and Jane Eyre

Yeah the title of the classic novel is just Jane Eyre I know, so where the heck did Widgets come from? Oh well, I have to talk about both of them first before I can move on to have a more comprehensive  say about either of them.

For starters, I have been wanting to read this classic Jane Eyre back in college, when I saw one of my friends reading it, and he did seem to enjoy the story. I was sort of curious. But at that time it was at the bottom of my priority list and so forgot all about it up until now.

Now of course, I’m working and spending a lot of time in front of the computer but for work and for idle moments.  Now the standard browser that we are using in the office is Opera. And you know, it has a really entertaining add-on. And this is where Widgets come in. (Drum roll)

Widgets are collections of add-ons that Opera users can enjoy. You can get free stuff ranging from stop watches, timers, games, and of course my favorite ebook Reader! (I guess you'll need to download opera first before downloading its widget.)

So this ebook Reader offers a vast range of FREE, yes free reading materials! From the classics, to the self published ones, you just have to browse it, of type in the title of the book you are finding, and hopefully gets a positive result.

Anyway, that’s it, this is where I have found the copy of Jane Eyre, which made it possible for me to read it free... yehey!  I have actually finished a few books with this reader like Arabian nights, Alice in Wonderland, Through the looking glass, some chapters of Sherlock Holmes, and some self published short stories.

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