Saturday, May 19, 2012

6th Book: The Egypt Game

When I saw this book on sale in a bookstore, I didn't miss the opportunity to buy it. After all, it's a must-read according to the 2008 almanac. I have actually imagined a Jumanji like theme, where the players would be transported into the game, and would face the dangers of hidden traps and mummies in the pyramids of Egypt.

Boy, I was wrong. I should have read the blurb before anything else. It's nothing like that. But, I'm not disappointed either.

The Egypt game is not a story of magic, in fact it offers a normal story of kids who play with that 'role-play' type of thing.The ones we used to do when we were young - dress up and pretend to be the mother, cook, princess, or anything that our imagination requires of us; use scrap materials from the house, from the neighborhood, from the plants, anything that can be props for our story.  As for this story, it started when the kids saw Nefertiti inviting them into the land of Egpyt, and so they let their imagination run, do as Egyptians do, make props for their costumes, perform rituals and all.

But I must admit, I admire how Synger was able to organize the thoughts and come up with a detailed story. You know, it's not always easy to describe an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way. But she was able to pull it of, "Neat!" like one of the characters say. The story also just doesn't offer you an ordinary one, it has enough twist to keep you wondering. But the part I like the most if the totality of the story. It is told from a child/ and pre-teen's point of view, and looking at things from their perspective is something that reminds me of my own childhood. Reading this story has somehow made me remember how I looked at things, and what priorities, worries or dreams I had when I was a child. Now I think I know why it became a must- read.

I really think it's quite interesting to read a children's book when you are an adult. It takes the story into a new light. You'd see it differently as an adult, than the way you would see it if you are young.

Next in Line: The Howliday Inn  [I guess it's time to finally open this book, 3 years after I bought it.]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a thing about archers

I don't know when it started. This may be an influence from my childhood immersion in anime, but it can't be helped. I'm really into archers.

Swordsman and strong and courageous, but they fight on the frontline, and I think it's more dangerous. Using bow and arrow on the other hand allows you to hide, shoot from afar, and hit (if you have a good aim). And I just think it's a really kick-ass thing, to hit the target from a distance. So, I can't help but be amazed whenever I see archers, in animation or movies.

Magic knight rayearth - Animone (Fuu)
She's that silent-type, of all the three protagonists in this anime. But she's the first earliest archer I have followed. ( I really can't recall my earliest memory of Robin Hood animation well enough.)

Before they had their magical weapons, they were given ordinary ones, and Fuu took the bow and arrow. The thing I remember most about her character was the time when, they need to defeat something, and they can't get near it. Only she has the chance to hit it with her arrow, but she was too reluctant of her ability. But, good thing, she was able to gather her confidence and do it.

Inuyasha - Kagome
If it hadn't been for Kagome, unwittingly hitting and shattering the magic crystal, they wouldn't go through all those hard time gathering it again. But there would be no story either.

Anyway, Kagome is fearless in most circumstances. Not only she's an archer, she is also an adept swimmer.

The Lord of the Rings - Legolas
Orlando Bloom as Legolas, is my first ever absolute archer crush. I wouldn't even watch this movie, if it weren't for him. I consciously avoid movies with the hint of violence, because I avoid the nightmare that follows me at night. But because of him, playing Legolas, I was able to stand it. He's a definition of awesome.

The hunger games - Katniss
I have yet to read the book, but I have already watched the movie. A female protagonist. A female acher protagonist. Cool! Her character is strong, she has the survivor aura. I think Jennifer Lawrence portrayed  her character very well.

The Avengers - Hawkeye
And of course, the latest movie 'The Avengers'. Jeremy Renner's portrayal of Hawkeye is another awesome thing that really made me write this entry. He was really convincing. There were lots of super heroes in the movie, and Chris Evans is a really handsome Captain America, but it was hawkeye's move who I was wishing to see on the screen- why? Because he is one heck of an archer. :P

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5th Book: Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin

Sa librong 'to ni Bob Ong, para kang nagbasa ng movie script.

1st: Bala sa bala, kamao sa kamao, satsat sa satsat!
*Tungkol sa tipikal na action movie, kung saan mayroon action star, kasalan, barilan sa kasalan, goons, at kung anu-ano pang makikita sa pinoy action movie.

2nd: Shake, shaker, shakest
*Tungkol sa kwento ng pamilya na na-trap sa haunted house. Over the course of conversations, mapapag-usapan din ang mga libro at kung paano pinapaikot ng mga bookstores ang pagdedesisyon kung alin ang bestsellers, at kung paano nila naiimpluwensyahan ang mga tao. Nabanggit din ang impluwensya ng telebisyon sa buhay ng mga ordinaryong mamayan.

3rd: Asawa ni Marie
*Tungkol naman sa drama movie, at mga  cliches sa pinoy teleserye. Mapag-uusapan dito ang impluwensya ng hollywood sa paggawa ng pinoy movies, kung saan sa halos lahat ng pelikula ay kasama ang mga bed scenes, pero basura naman ang plot.

Actually, medyo natagalan akong tapusin ang librong 'to. Ewan ko lang para sa iba, pero sa'kin medyo na boring-an ako sa takbo ng story eh.

The book was meant to be satirical sa movie and book industry sa Pilipinas, pero meron lang talagang mga parts na dull, or dragging. Siguro ako lang yun, kaya rin siguro di ako naging script writer.. :P

So, ito yung mga feeling ko, may sense na sinabi ng mga characters sa book:

Pero hindi lahat ng inaakala mong korni, e korni. Minsan ikaw lang din talaga ang walang sense of humor at may diperensya, siguro dahil sa pagpipilit mong maging iba.
Ako, ang hinahangaan kong tao na mahilig sa libro eh yung may matutunan ka pag kausap mo,yung makikita mong naging marunong at mabuti syang tao, dahil sa pagbabasa nya ng mga libro.]

Majority ng mga viewers ang hindi nakakaalam na may laging itinuturo sa atin ang TV. Ang tanong ay kung anu-ano ang mga 'yon?
Kinokondisyon tayo ng mga patalastas na hindi tayo masaya. Na laging may kulang sa buhay natin.]

[Samuel: Sige nga magdebate tayo! Patunayan mo sa'kin na may Diyos!
Pundit: Bata, kanya-kanya tayo ng paglalakbay. Huwag kang magpakarga. Katamaran yan.]

[ Samuel na possessed:
Itinda nyo... Pero wag nyong gagamitan ng salitang best seller kung di naman totoo.
Pinapakita nyong mga dayuhang libro pa rin at mga dayuhang libro lang ang tinatangkilik ng mga tao.]

Next in Line: The Egypt Game

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