Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ayala Triangle Gardens Lights and Sounds Show 2012

Before the year is over, I'm glad I was able to witness this beautiful display of lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  I don't know why, but even though I live in Makati, I still don't get a chance to go there. This is an annual event sponsored by Makati City, free to all! Cool right? I think it starts in December from 6 to 9pm, with 30 minutes interval.  It has a Tagalog and English version. 

All I can say is I love the Lights and Sounds!

Here's the video for the Filipino Christmas songs. 

Rise of the Guardians

As a fan of Jude Law, I made it a point to watch this movie, especially to hear his voice over on the character Pitch.

The plot of this movie is good. Watching it was an enjoyable experience. It's quite unique to see all of the legendary characters unite. Who could have thought they knew each other?

I even wanted to buy the figure characters in Mc Donalds, but due to the public demand, it got out of stock easily. :'(

As for Jack Frost, I really didn't know much. And so, after watching the movie, I looked up his information, and found out that in some folklore, he has been illustrated as an old man. I'm glad that they made him a teenager in this movie. I think Santa is already enough for a mature character.

One of the important things I learned in this movie has something to do with Jack's situation. He doesn't even know what's his purpose is. And so when the time came to make him a guardian, he refused.

I learned that, if we were chosen for something, even if we don't understand the reason, we just have to believe, that we were chosen because we have what it takes. We have the quality that they are looking for.

In the end, all the conflicts have been solved. Well, this story is about Jack, but there are still four more characters so I'm hoping for a sequel. :)

Book 16th: The Selection

This book is about the journey of America Singer, who, though unwillingly, happened to be included in the most prestigious thing in her country-The Selection. This event is a competition of 35 girls, to win the crown, and the prince's heart.

What can I say?
I figured the book is really for teenagers, with the colorful front, big fonts and a teenage protagonist. I think the story is romantic in its own way though I have some problems with it.

 Prince Maxon for one- a prince who doesn't know how to act in front of women. The heck, he is a prince, he is supposed to be prepared for this. I think the author made his character too much of a gentleman, to the point of not knowing what to do.

The country- a country with caste system, poverty, wars with other countries, and then a Selection?! I think those things are not a very good combination. I don't think if I would be giddy with America's (the main character) love life or if I would be concerned with their country and caste system.

Somehow the setting of the story reminds me of Hunger Games, come on, authors can surely think of a better setting right?

Still, after all my rants here, it is a good read. With enough twist and humanity to keep you reading from start to end. The love triangle between the three characters is something to look forward to, plus the big question, of who will be the lucky girl to remain. I'm actually looking forward to the second book.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wedding cake

I'm back! After a month of being a zombie working for two jobs, I'm finally done with my part time.
I must say, I feel a little bit sad that I have abandoned my blog for a month. But, now I'm here, I'm dusting it off and hopefully I'm putting in some new posts before the year ends.

To start with, I'll have this  chibi drawing I made for my brother's wedding. Yeah, this is so out of date, as their wedding was already two weeks ago. But anyway, methinks it's still a cute thing to look at.
 Medium: Paint tool Sai/ Tool: Wacom Bamboo fun

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