Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes it's really hard to stand an irksome person... The more you react the more power they have over you. So I figured a different approach, as they say revenge is best served cold.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Haiku- Juu

Turn your lips upward.
See, it is most beautiful
when you are smiling.

(This Haiku was inspired by Jude Law in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. Aside from his acting, I guess I really liked the way he smile. I think it was And so, that one goes for him.)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st Book: Charlotte’s Web

I decided to have my 12-books challenge starting this January. It just happened that I was presently reading this book, Charlotte’s Web, I have bought last year, so this went first.

This books talks about friendship; mostly it exhibit in words the friendship between two different creatures, and how important it really is to have a true friend in someone’s life.

Here are some of the good things I gathered:

“I was just thinking… that people are very gullible.” –Charlotte to Wilbur

“Doctors are supposed to understand everything, but I don’t understand everything, and I don’t intend to let it worry me.” –Dr. Dorian

“It is quite possible that an animal has spoken civilly to me and I didn’t catch the remark because I wasn’t paying attention… Perhaps if people talked less, animals would talk more. People are incessant talkers…” – Dr. Dorian

… and he realized that friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world.  ( Wilbur)

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch (Wilbur)

It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both. (Wilbur)

Next in line: The Big Friendly Giant (BFG) –another children’s story, but I’m curious about its plot and story, because it became one of the must-read books in 2008.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Since everybody has a book-reading challenge...

Well, it seems everybody is trying to get back the day when reading books is a must-do. Two of my friends also have their must-read this 2012.

At first, it doesn't really concern me, and I wasn't even thinking of putting up my own must-reads. But it just dawned on me how my sister always say I'm such a lazy reader. I buy books, but I don't read them. Actually, she reads them for me!

So... since everybody is up for something to read, I might as well do mine. It's going to be 'My 12 books challenge.' The idea is for me to finish reading one book a month. Why just one book? Well, it's for me to be able to do other things too.Reading can be addicting, and we know, too much of something is bad. :P

 My first objective is to clear the shelf of the books I haven't read yet.There are at least six books on my sister's shelf that I haven't touched. They are not that new, or best sellers, most consist of children's stories or classics, but after my success reading Jane Eyre, Alice in wonderland, and The wizard of Oz I would definitely give them a try.

Second objective is to jot down the quotable-quotes from those and you bet, blog it! Hmm... now what if there isn't any? Then I'll probably do some book review here. :P

Now I started reading "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White, I bought it last year from a book sale.(Imagine my enthusiasm in reading? lol) I guess it's going to be my first book this year.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My first Packages!

Since I was a kid, until now, it has been my wish to receive a 'package'. It might have been a result of my childhood nostalgic moments when my family used to receive my aunt's packages from Australia.

But years go by, things changes, some things happen, some things don't. And for me, receiving a package has been a simple wish that I still hasn't come true. (Unless I'd be desperate enough to send myself a package :P) I still treasure my wish in my heart but I don't know when it will come to pass.

But lo and behold, really, everything has it's time! Just this Wednesday, a day after my birthday, I received not one, but two packages from my students! 

I was like "oh my gosh" "oh my gosh" . Of course I know the contents, they told me before what they are sending, one will be a cd of my favorite Korean band, Bigbang; my other student would send a pair of watch and a wallet.

Even if I know what I will receive, the sudden rush of joy can't help but overflow in me. (imagine how long I have waited for this simple dream lol) My sister even said I went nuts because I've uttered "Oh my gosh" like a pirated cd.

I guess it's the feeling, it's the experience that makes you treasure it more. I really love pleasant surprises. Hopefully more chances like this would come. :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ano ang English ng…

Minsan talaga ang mga salita sa tagalong ay mahirap i-English, kapag nakalimutan mo yung English equivalent ng gusto mong sabihin. Well, lalo naman kung di mo pa talaga na e-encounter ang English word ng salitang yun. Kaya nga, naisip kong isulat dito yung mga na-encounter ko, baka may iba rin na maghanap, makatulong ‘to. ;)

1. Daños perjuicios-Malamang halo sa salitang kastila. Ito yung mga kapalit ng kapinsalaang naidulot satin ng isang tao. Karaniwan to naririnig sa mga court hearings.

Ano ang English ng Daños perjuicios?
Solatium [soh-LEY-shee-uhm]
-Something given in compensation for inconvenience, loss or injury.
-Law. Damages awarded to a plaintiff as compensation for personal suffering or grief arising from an injury.

2. BelenHindi yung apilyido ah. Ito yung model ng sabsaban na kung saan makikita ang kapanganakan ni Jesus, alinsunod na rin sa aral ng simbahang Katolika. Karaniwan to makikita tuwing pasko.

Ano ang English ng Belen?
Crèche [kresh, kreysh] 
-a small or large modeled representation or tableau of Mary, Joseph, and others around the crib of Jesus in the stable at Bethlehem, as is displayed in homes or erected for exhibition in a community at Christmas season.

3. Cutting class- oo English na yan, pero informal  at slang yan. May mas formal pa dyan. Cutting classes, alam na alam to ng mga estudyante. Ito yung pagtakas sa klase or school sa oras na dapat eh nasa classroom ka at nag-aaral.

Ano ang formal English ng cutting class?
Truancy [TROO-uhn-see]
-any intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. The term typically describes absences caused by students of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate "excused" absences, such as ones related to medical conditions.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow, I just found this poem someone asked me to make for someone... (did that make sense? lol)
Anyway, I thought I lost the copy, so I was surprised to see it again, it's simple, but I still like it.
(Imagine making a poem for someone you don't know! Now, that'll make you proud of your output. ;] )
There’s so much in you that attracts attention
It may be your face, your personality or how you handle your emotions
You are one of those few who light up like sunshine
Embracing others with your warmth
And making them feel just fine.

You’ve always been there showing your love and care
Making your loved ones smile
And guiding them all the while.

Yet time moves swiftly and so do we.
It’s like seeing the dawn, enjoying the morning
And now it’s already afternoon.

Yes we know we can’t always stay the same.
We also have our dreams to follow and we can’t be lame.
As you go through this life, you’ll come across precious presents.
Like more wisdom, this is a gracious gift of time.
And you’ll be able to share it as a wise counsel indeed.
Now is the time to continue your journey with your heart full of joy.

Ideas, don't run...

Okay, I know what to do! I actually have it all planned out... just in my mind. lol
I'm thinking of adding two more labels here, although it would take more effort and time on my part, especially the one that will be entitled ' Naranasan mo na bang...' (have you experienced...)
I'm thinking of making sort of caricature for it. Although it would be a total different approach for me.
Drawing anime is what I can do most, and switching from that to cartoons would be totally new.
Hope I can do this well, and soon. ;]
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