Saturday, January 14, 2012

Since everybody has a book-reading challenge...

Well, it seems everybody is trying to get back the day when reading books is a must-do. Two of my friends also have their must-read this 2012.

At first, it doesn't really concern me, and I wasn't even thinking of putting up my own must-reads. But it just dawned on me how my sister always say I'm such a lazy reader. I buy books, but I don't read them. Actually, she reads them for me!

So... since everybody is up for something to read, I might as well do mine. It's going to be 'My 12 books challenge.' The idea is for me to finish reading one book a month. Why just one book? Well, it's for me to be able to do other things too.Reading can be addicting, and we know, too much of something is bad. :P

 My first objective is to clear the shelf of the books I haven't read yet.There are at least six books on my sister's shelf that I haven't touched. They are not that new, or best sellers, most consist of children's stories or classics, but after my success reading Jane Eyre, Alice in wonderland, and The wizard of Oz I would definitely give them a try.

Second objective is to jot down the quotable-quotes from those and you bet, blog it! Hmm... now what if there isn't any? Then I'll probably do some book review here. :P

Now I started reading "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White, I bought it last year from a book sale.(Imagine my enthusiasm in reading? lol) I guess it's going to be my first book this year.

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