Monday, February 27, 2012

Currently adding something to my 'I can do' list

Last year, to save myself from feeling useless, I thought of doing something that can give a sense of improvement to my existence. I thought since I'm already interested in other language, then might as well give it a try.

I tried simultaneous study of Japanese and French, I even made a poem out of my severely limited vocabulary that time. But at some point, it got confusing and it was hard to remember different things at the same time. I knew needed to concentrate at one thing if I want to get better at it. So I decided that since I already have friends who speaks French, then it might be good to start with that. It might be easier because I can ask some help.

Man, it was totally harder than I expected. I never imagined there can be something harder than irregular verbs and past participles. Now I'm facing six different kinds of conjugations?! Lots of silent letters in words, and how about making sure you put the correct 'é' and 'è' where they belong. Not to mention the nasalized pronunciation. Nouns and adjectives have genders. Even fruits! Seriously?!

There were times I was ready to quit, but I always thought, my efforts would be wasted, not only mine, but the efforts of my friend who help me. So I made up my mind that the only place to go is forward. I can't turn back now, because going somewhere is better than going nowhere.

I always think of the message from our former Q.A at work. “ Every thing is hard first before they become easy.” And it's a universal truth. Imagine babies, they also stumble as they learn to walk.

We need a lot of patience and determination. we'll need to bite the bullet and just go on with that thing we want to learn. Practice, practice, practice. That's the way it's done. I'm still positive that in time, I'd be able to get better at it.^^

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Naranasan mo na bang…

maipit sa pagitan ng dalawang taong nagdadaldalan sa  jeep?

Dati, madalas ako mabiktima nito. Yung tipong sumakay ka ng jeep as usual, tapos may sumakay at umupo ulit after you. Tapos biglang “Omegosh, bading ikaw ba yan?!” At hindi ako yung sinabihan, kundi yung isa ko pang katabi, and the rest is history.

Nakakainis yung ganun, magdadaldalan sila habang sandwich ka sa pagitan nila. Ano ka, invisible?!

Ganito ang isang halimbawa ng sandwich na usapan:
A: O ano na… blah blah…
B: Oo nga ,akala ni ma’am… yada yada…
Ako: ahem…
(Si A, mimwestra at kakalabitin yung isa)
(Si B, ilalapit ang ulo sabay magdadaldalan ulit.)
Ako: (Ah… excuse me, may tao po sa pagitan nyo… =_=)

Makalipas ang ilang minuto…
A: Oh, ano nang nanyari dun sa…
B: Ah di mo alam, ganito yun…
Ako: (Gusto nyo palit na lang tayo ng pwesto?)

Makalipas ang ilan pang minuto..
A: Ay naku si placenta na alis nap ala.
B: Si placenta bay un,akala ko si Gluta…
Ako: (Nasaan si Biolink at Silka?)

At lumipas ang byahe na ganun ang usapan, hanggang sa bumaba ako nagdadaldalan sila. Yung kasalasang labing limang minute kong byahe, parang naging labing limang taon.

Actually, mabait pa ko ng nangyari to, kaya kalma lang ako. Pero next time na mangyari to, baka mag monster mode na ko… hehe :P

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let go and let God

There are times in our lives when we really feel fired up about something we deeply desire. We do the best we know we can do; we do all we can. But the hard fact is, no matter what we do, we are bound to fail at one point, and if we are doing all the efforts by ourselves we are bound to be disappointed.

And I guess I felt that many times. Maybe double the disappointments because I even have this 'visualization' thing. They said if you really want something you have to 'see it in your mind'. You have to replay it in your mind over and over, because it will work that way. The heck I did that, and I just became bitter, and well, disappointed as ever.

When I finally decided to let go of my dreams, not really let it go to wasteland, but just let go, and let God handle it for me, amazing things started to happen, and the ending? I get to have my dream come to pass more than I expected!

It already happened to me twice, and now I really believe that visualization thing doesn't work for me, because I get frustrated. I realize that God has his own time table. He knows when to give it. As for me, I've been waiting since last year, and you know, I just realized my dream come true this month is His gift for my birthday. Just in time. Amazing!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2nd book: The BFG

Have you ever eaten any human bean or went flushbunking to any part of the globe?

Now, this question almost don't make sense to us, but to a giant, trust me, it does. These are few of the strange vocabulary I picked up while reading "The BFG" (Big Friendly Giant).

I must commend Roald Dahl for his very creative output. He was able to stand the pain of seeing constant grammar typos in his work. Maybe this is where the 'Lord of the Rings' scriptwriter got the idea for Golum's language. lol.

Kidding aside, the story was cleverly written. It is a children's book but if you look closely, you'll see it's more than that. It talks about friendship, freewill, courage, and overcoming fear.

Plot: Sophie just happened to look outside her window at the witching hour, the time at dawn when everything is as still as death, the time when the streets are all empty, or supposed to be empty. But then, she saw it, that black shadowy gigantic figure roaming around the streets. She knows she's supposed to hide, but it saw her and now it's too late. Not letting anyone know its secret, it decided to take her with it for good. The good thing is he's not like any other giant you know.While other giants enjoy flushbunking around the globe guzzling up unfortunate human beans, the nice and jumbly BFG is out there blowing good dreams to little children.

Here are the memorable messages I encountered:

"Just because we happen not to have actually seen something with our own two little winkles, we think it is not existing." - The BFG to Sophie

"Do not forget, that human beans is disappearing everywhere all the time even without the giants is guzzling them up... Human beans is killing each other much quicker than the giants is doing it."  - The BFG to Sophie

"Human beans is the only animals that is killing their own kind."  - The BFG to Sophie

"Everybody is making his own rules to suit himself."  - The BFG to Sophie

"The matter with human beans is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles."  - The BFG to Sophie

"Dreams is very mystical things. Human beans is not understanding them at all. Not even their brainiest prossefors is understanding them."  - The BFG to Sophie

"Everything alive needs food of some sort. Even trees and plants." - Sophie to the BFG

"Do something!" - Sophie to the BFG

"What a clever fellow you are. You are not very well educated but you are really nobody's fool, I can see that." -the queen to the BFG

Next in line: The alchemist- I guess it's time to read this again, and refresh the idea about personal legend.

Monday, February 6, 2012

drawing inspired by other people :P

 I think drawing is the thing I can do, and I were able to share some of them with my friends. (Well, not a lot actually, I think the sharing part is still less than twenty pieces :P) I just want to share them here too. :]

Medium: Color pencil on paper.

This is the drawing I promised a friend. She said anything is okay as long as it's serene.
 I hope this passes her taste when she sees it.

Close-up. They are looking at the sky :D

This drawing is a gift for a friend. It's a cartoon version of him playing guitar.
 I hope he likes it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look at the positive side

Just this morning I got a chance to watch the 'Kerygma tv' of Bro. Bo Sanchez, and I heard a lot of useful advice. The topic was about what we focus on in our lives.

He said there's always the negative things and the positive things, but too often we focus on the negative side, instead of looking for the blessings, we magnify negativity. No wonder why we have a lot of problems, and no wonder where not living our lives to the full, because we don't see ourselves as God would see us. We choose to see ourselves, as... well, negative.

Here are the other things I got from watching:
You should say to yourself "I'm too blessed to be stressed."

If you want to be successful, stop focusing on your weakness, focus on your strengths.

You're weakness is not God's rejection, it's God's redirection.

Don't be too hard on yourself. You also have strengths.
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