Monday, February 20, 2012

Let go and let God

There are times in our lives when we really feel fired up about something we deeply desire. We do the best we know we can do; we do all we can. But the hard fact is, no matter what we do, we are bound to fail at one point, and if we are doing all the efforts by ourselves we are bound to be disappointed.

And I guess I felt that many times. Maybe double the disappointments because I even have this 'visualization' thing. They said if you really want something you have to 'see it in your mind'. You have to replay it in your mind over and over, because it will work that way. The heck I did that, and I just became bitter, and well, disappointed as ever.

When I finally decided to let go of my dreams, not really let it go to wasteland, but just let go, and let God handle it for me, amazing things started to happen, and the ending? I get to have my dream come to pass more than I expected!

It already happened to me twice, and now I really believe that visualization thing doesn't work for me, because I get frustrated. I realize that God has his own time table. He knows when to give it. As for me, I've been waiting since last year, and you know, I just realized my dream come true this month is His gift for my birthday. Just in time. Amazing!

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