Friday, August 31, 2012

How do you view mistakes?

In life there will be a lot of times when we make bad decisions, stupid mistakes, and wrong moves. More often we get knocked down by the consequences of our actions. 

In that case, what will you do? How will you respond? Will you just lie there and make a monument of that moment or will you get up, brush yourself up and continue forward? It can be disheartening to see the grave consequences of our mistakes,of our wrong decisions.

 I believe though, that it's part of life, part of the learning process to make us stronger and wiser.We may make a lot of mistakes in our lifetime, but if we look closely, these bad things can turn out for the good. We just have to find it.We have to find the lesson behind our bad decisions and mistakes, learn and remember them, so that the experience will not be wasted.

They said that experience is a hard teacher. True enough, aside from giving the test first before teaching the lesson; experience gives the same test over and over until you learn.

 No wonder sometimes we end up in a similar situation in the past, or repeat a history, it's because we refuse to learn the lesson mistakes offer.

 I believe that we don't always have to experience things first-hand. Other people can serve as guide to us. Look at their lives, how they handle mistakes or bad decisions and see what you can learn. We could face the same tests as they did, and it would be much wiser to learn from others than be a fool to go through the same ordeal yourself.

We cannot shun mistakes, it will pop out once in a while, to teach us lessons, to make us think. Yes, it's okay to blame ourselves for a while, but never let it paralyze you. Instead of cursing it, loosen up a bit, learn to laugh and make sure to learn from it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner is one of the actors I look forward seeing on the big screen, add to that the fact that part of this movie was shot in the Philippines; The Bourne Legacy is automatically on my movie-to-see list.

So what can I say?
The plot is okay. I can say that it has a story and not just some random action. It was quite lengthy though. It took some time before the interesting things started to happen. The shooting in the lab started my adrenaline, of course that's a life-and-death situation. I also liked the confrontation at the doctor's house and how Cross came on her rescue.

Now in the Philippines
What I like the most is how the chase scene was edited and put together. There is a good continuity, and you wouldn't think that they were shot in different cities unless you're familiar with the place.

Somehow, I just found it lacking. I mean, the characters were clever and strong, but there wasn't enough action. And by that I mean, hand to hand combat or fight scene. The character's wit and strength is incomparable, but it wasn't put to full capacity There can be a more creative way to defeat an enemy than by just crashing him on a pillar.

If ever the legacy continues, I hope to see more actual fights. :]

Sunday, August 26, 2012

12th Book: The Heavenly Man

This book was a recommendation from my sister. Upon seeing it, I first turned it down, as I'm not sure what sort of story I would find there. The book says 'the remarkable true story of Chinese Brother Yun'. I thought I wasn't prepared yet to meet Brother Yun at that time.

But now, I have finished the book. I'm glad I read it. This book is indeed a remarkable story. Brother Yun endured many trials for the gospel and for his love of Jesus. This book gave me an idea of how Christian life was like in China. I can say I am lucky to be born in an era and in a country where one can worship God freely.

Brother Yun shared how his journey with Christ started. Not only his but fellow Chinese who are also believers.

This book is about miracles. I really enjoyed reading Brother Yun and his wife Deling's testimony of miracles and visions. I guess it's just amazing. It made me think visions, perhaps were more frequent before than now, when Christians had time to really listen. And miracles do happen, when you put your focus on God, when you learn to wait, trust and obey Him.

This book is a good read and helps revive the spirit and faith. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The movie Brave was one of the films I anticipated this year. I'd been watching the trailers since the start of the year. You know I have the thing for archers, so this movie was surely be on my list. Plus, I'm curious to know more about the bear, and it's relation to the

The rich history and legend of Scotland has helped the creators to set the atmosphere of the movie.

I like how they set up the kingdom. No fancy thrones,or halls. The dining table was made of food, without that fancy carvings. Everything is in place.

Merida's triplet brothers are cute, though I think it might've been better to let them talk. You know they are too clever for their age, but they don't talk. Isn't it weird?

One of the things notable in this movie, is the posture of archery contestants. According here, the animators got the good and bad postures as accurate as possible. I think it just earned 'Brave's animators, extra bragging rights.  

Now about the plot, finally there's a story of about mother-daughter relationship. The movie makes sure impart the importance of listening.

With her untimely bethrotal, Merida couldn't help but rebel against her mother's decision. 
In her rage she slashed their family tapestry. Not only that, she took the chance to change her fate, with the help of the old witch.

And so it happened, her mother fell under the spell and it can only be undone if she 'mend the bond torn by pride' or else her mother would permanently be a bear.

When this happened, you might initially think that Merida realizes her grave mistake and accepted her part in this. But no, she was defensive.And she just thought, oh sewing up the tapestry would do the trick.

The story played out well, that her pride continued to blind her, but at the very last moment, she finally apologized, and more than mending the tapestry, she was able to mend a much important bond- her bond with her mother.

So much on the positive, now let me just tell the part which I don't like so much.
It's about Mourdu, a prince from the ruined kingdom who asked for a spell for him to have the strength of 10 warriors. So it turned out he got stuck with the spell and became a bear, permanently.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't have any problem with that, nor I had a problem when he attacked the family in the beginning or when he attacked Merida in the ruins.
But come one, on the last part, when they were in the menhirs he started attacking,and the poor warriors who charged were nothing against him, then Mor'du, as if holding a certain grudge, happens to single Merida out. Why would he do that? What prompted him? Why would he like Merida killed.

I'm thinking it's just so to have a fight scene, but it looks that the intention/motivation of the villain was weak.  
It seems like from the beginning he wanted to hurt her, but the question is why? My questions wasn't anywhere near answered by the end of the film. Anyway, children could easily just ignore it, so it's fine, at least the beast was gone now.

And the other clans warriors, if they act like one, were not given much depth of character in the movie. All the clans just kept fighting when they get the chance, no other deeper stories about them. 

Anyway I still think this movie has some worth, think deeper and learn the lessons this movie gives.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Healing

I've never liked a horror or slasher film, but I did my sister a favor, and so I ended up with her at the last-full  show of this movie on a Saturday night. And yes, I didn't see at least 1/4 of the film because of the horror and gore factor. I watched them with my hands over my eyes. :P

Based on a deep-rooted supersitions and belief on faith healing, and how they turned it into a horror one, I can say that the movie's plot was well thought. though there are some weak points, I actually think this movie is disturbing and scary.

Just don't look at me with that chameleon eye!
In the movie, when the victims get possesed by their Doppelgänger they get that chameleon looking eyes that can rotate 360 degrees. It really creeps me out.

The the craziest part was when Greta's Doppelgänger crying was seen by her husband. The husband can only see her back, but lo and behold, switch camera angle, and you can see the black creepy eyes. The feigned cry + the crazy eyes =a real horror.
Just don't bend like that, okay?!
Imagine this scene, There was an outage, Seth, the main character was inside the dark house, Greta's doppelgänger appear, of course Seth doesn't know it, so she called her, and you know, it bends backward in an awkward position and stared for the longest 3 seconds. The heck. Real creepy.

Of course, all films has their good and bad.
For starters, I wonder, is it necessary to have a comedy in a horror film? I think no. It makes the atmosphere weak, and breaks the building tension. But for the benefit of the doubt I think it's just ok, at least the viewers would have time to breath.

Also, I think the ending is quite weak. It kind of leaves you wondering what happened to Cookie in the end.
Anyway, overall, if you're finding some horror/ slasher film, you can go see this one. I can say it's worth the money.
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