Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Healing

I've never liked a horror or slasher film, but I did my sister a favor, and so I ended up with her at the last-full  show of this movie on a Saturday night. And yes, I didn't see at least 1/4 of the film because of the horror and gore factor. I watched them with my hands over my eyes. :P

Based on a deep-rooted supersitions and belief on faith healing, and how they turned it into a horror one, I can say that the movie's plot was well thought. though there are some weak points, I actually think this movie is disturbing and scary.

Just don't look at me with that chameleon eye!
In the movie, when the victims get possesed by their Doppelgänger they get that chameleon looking eyes that can rotate 360 degrees. It really creeps me out.

The the craziest part was when Greta's Doppelgänger crying was seen by her husband. The husband can only see her back, but lo and behold, switch camera angle, and you can see the black creepy eyes. The feigned cry + the crazy eyes =a real horror.
Just don't bend like that, okay?!
Imagine this scene, There was an outage, Seth, the main character was inside the dark house, Greta's doppelgänger appear, of course Seth doesn't know it, so she called her, and you know, it bends backward in an awkward position and stared for the longest 3 seconds. The heck. Real creepy.

Of course, all films has their good and bad.
For starters, I wonder, is it necessary to have a comedy in a horror film? I think no. It makes the atmosphere weak, and breaks the building tension. But for the benefit of the doubt I think it's just ok, at least the viewers would have time to breath.

Also, I think the ending is quite weak. It kind of leaves you wondering what happened to Cookie in the end.
Anyway, overall, if you're finding some horror/ slasher film, you can go see this one. I can say it's worth the money.

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