Sunday, August 26, 2012

12th Book: The Heavenly Man

This book was a recommendation from my sister. Upon seeing it, I first turned it down, as I'm not sure what sort of story I would find there. The book says 'the remarkable true story of Chinese Brother Yun'. I thought I wasn't prepared yet to meet Brother Yun at that time.

But now, I have finished the book. I'm glad I read it. This book is indeed a remarkable story. Brother Yun endured many trials for the gospel and for his love of Jesus. This book gave me an idea of how Christian life was like in China. I can say I am lucky to be born in an era and in a country where one can worship God freely.

Brother Yun shared how his journey with Christ started. Not only his but fellow Chinese who are also believers.

This book is about miracles. I really enjoyed reading Brother Yun and his wife Deling's testimony of miracles and visions. I guess it's just amazing. It made me think visions, perhaps were more frequent before than now, when Christians had time to really listen. And miracles do happen, when you put your focus on God, when you learn to wait, trust and obey Him.

This book is a good read and helps revive the spirit and faith. 

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