Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner is one of the actors I look forward seeing on the big screen, add to that the fact that part of this movie was shot in the Philippines; The Bourne Legacy is automatically on my movie-to-see list.

So what can I say?
The plot is okay. I can say that it has a story and not just some random action. It was quite lengthy though. It took some time before the interesting things started to happen. The shooting in the lab started my adrenaline, of course that's a life-and-death situation. I also liked the confrontation at the doctor's house and how Cross came on her rescue.

Now in the Philippines
What I like the most is how the chase scene was edited and put together. There is a good continuity, and you wouldn't think that they were shot in different cities unless you're familiar with the place.

Somehow, I just found it lacking. I mean, the characters were clever and strong, but there wasn't enough action. And by that I mean, hand to hand combat or fight scene. The character's wit and strength is incomparable, but it wasn't put to full capacity There can be a more creative way to defeat an enemy than by just crashing him on a pillar.

If ever the legacy continues, I hope to see more actual fights. :]

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