Monday, February 27, 2012

Currently adding something to my 'I can do' list

Last year, to save myself from feeling useless, I thought of doing something that can give a sense of improvement to my existence. I thought since I'm already interested in other language, then might as well give it a try.

I tried simultaneous study of Japanese and French, I even made a poem out of my severely limited vocabulary that time. But at some point, it got confusing and it was hard to remember different things at the same time. I knew needed to concentrate at one thing if I want to get better at it. So I decided that since I already have friends who speaks French, then it might be good to start with that. It might be easier because I can ask some help.

Man, it was totally harder than I expected. I never imagined there can be something harder than irregular verbs and past participles. Now I'm facing six different kinds of conjugations?! Lots of silent letters in words, and how about making sure you put the correct 'é' and 'è' where they belong. Not to mention the nasalized pronunciation. Nouns and adjectives have genders. Even fruits! Seriously?!

There were times I was ready to quit, but I always thought, my efforts would be wasted, not only mine, but the efforts of my friend who help me. So I made up my mind that the only place to go is forward. I can't turn back now, because going somewhere is better than going nowhere.

I always think of the message from our former Q.A at work. “ Every thing is hard first before they become easy.” And it's a universal truth. Imagine babies, they also stumble as they learn to walk.

We need a lot of patience and determination. we'll need to bite the bullet and just go on with that thing we want to learn. Practice, practice, practice. That's the way it's done. I'm still positive that in time, I'd be able to get better at it.^^

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