Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow, I just found this poem someone asked me to make for someone... (did that make sense? lol)
Anyway, I thought I lost the copy, so I was surprised to see it again, it's simple, but I still like it.
(Imagine making a poem for someone you don't know! Now, that'll make you proud of your output. ;] )
There’s so much in you that attracts attention
It may be your face, your personality or how you handle your emotions
You are one of those few who light up like sunshine
Embracing others with your warmth
And making them feel just fine.

You’ve always been there showing your love and care
Making your loved ones smile
And guiding them all the while.

Yet time moves swiftly and so do we.
It’s like seeing the dawn, enjoying the morning
And now it’s already afternoon.

Yes we know we can’t always stay the same.
We also have our dreams to follow and we can’t be lame.
As you go through this life, you’ll come across precious presents.
Like more wisdom, this is a gracious gift of time.
And you’ll be able to share it as a wise counsel indeed.
Now is the time to continue your journey with your heart full of joy.

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