Thursday, January 12, 2012

My first Packages!

Since I was a kid, until now, it has been my wish to receive a 'package'. It might have been a result of my childhood nostalgic moments when my family used to receive my aunt's packages from Australia.

But years go by, things changes, some things happen, some things don't. And for me, receiving a package has been a simple wish that I still hasn't come true. (Unless I'd be desperate enough to send myself a package :P) I still treasure my wish in my heart but I don't know when it will come to pass.

But lo and behold, really, everything has it's time! Just this Wednesday, a day after my birthday, I received not one, but two packages from my students! 

I was like "oh my gosh" "oh my gosh" . Of course I know the contents, they told me before what they are sending, one will be a cd of my favorite Korean band, Bigbang; my other student would send a pair of watch and a wallet.

Even if I know what I will receive, the sudden rush of joy can't help but overflow in me. (imagine how long I have waited for this simple dream lol) My sister even said I went nuts because I've uttered "Oh my gosh" like a pirated cd.

I guess it's the feeling, it's the experience that makes you treasure it more. I really love pleasant surprises. Hopefully more chances like this would come. :)


  1. wo...oo..ww...!!! Ang saya naman! Kakatuwa mga estudyante mo. I know sobrang grateful ka. Pakisabi rin malapit na birthday ko..bwahaha!

  2. Uu ybeth, ang saya-saya! haha.. Oo nga, buti nakaranas na ko makareceive ng package from students haha. Yup grateful, may we have many more blessings to come!

    Oo malapit na bday mo.. handa ka na ba for quarter of a century? Hehe...


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