Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trip to Caramoan Day 2

Day 2: This is it, pusit!

7am – Call time
                -Take tricycle to Bikal (P150 per trip)
Note: (the trike was set up by the inn owner. See if you can try to find others with discount)
                - Journey starts at Bikal Port

Maybe 8 am or past 8 
               -Arrival at Tabgon  to see Our Lady of Peace at Mt. Caglago.
Note: (Tourist guides will welcome you upon your arrival at Tabgon and it’s up to you how much tip to give.
Our lady of Peace – a 500-step ascend to the mountain. Tiring, yes. You need a bottle of water. But the scenery is rewarding.  )

Past 9:30am – Back from the hike. Now let’s go island hopping

Matukad Island
 This is the most beautiful Island from the roster. It has fine white sand, a rock formation that you can take fancy in climbing.)

Lahos Island
-The sand here s a bit brown than Matukad, but still fine. This island is has plenty of floating sea err.. weeds or plants. (A shooting spot for Survivor India, but they’re done shooting here.)

Catbaligan  Island
-The sand somewhat light gray but still fine. This island has a steep rock formation.

Tawad Island
-The sand here is a combination of black and white, nature is creatively forming the colors in it’\s shore lines. There are lots of holes in the sand here, so there could be some crustaceans lurking underneath.

Boat price:
In Bikal if the itinerary is only island hopping the price is P1,500.
If you are going to Tabgon for the 500 step hike, it’s P2,000. They say that this place is out of the way from the islands, hence the additional price.

Prepare food for lunch.
Be back before dark.
Don’t forget to give tips to whoever should be given.

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