Saturday, July 9, 2011

Currently Reading: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Finally, I’m able to read this Classic novel. I’m curious to find out Jane’s story, from the moment my classmate in college seemed to enjoy the all-small-print-book he was reading. But then at that time aside from school work, I was much hesitant since old English style would definitely make my nose bleed.

But as I said I was curious, and besides, we are namesake so I want to know if we somehow resemble some character, or if there are any traits I could adopt from her.

Jane Eyre is an orphan who was adopted by her uncle Reed.

The Reeds are well to do family, but since Jane’s mother married just a simple clergyman which was against her parents’ will she was stripped of her right to wealth. Both of Jane’s parents died of plague leaving her alone.

Too bad for Jane, after her uncle’s death, all she received from her aunt and cousins were abuse. After some time it was decided to let her go to school. She spent all eight years of her life in its confinement.  Deciding she needs a change of horizon and wanting to have more real life experience, she decided to advertise herself. Fortunately someone answered to it and made her a governess of a little girl. And the start of her adventure with new people begins. (Well I’m not done reading yet so this is as far as I could go ;) )

It’s a good thing I have a dictionary just within my reach while reading this. There are times I can’t advance in a paragraph without looking at the meaning of a word, or there are times that I have to go back to some lines to make out their meaning. Bronte’s writing style is of course influenced by the literature standard and vocabulary standard at that time. (which is spelled NOSEBLEED).

Anyway, putting that aside, I guess she has a good way of putting the character’s emotion in paper. The story is set out in a first person point of view. So you can imagine it’s almost like an autobiography. But it’s more than that. She has this way of describing things you can imagine it in your head (or sort of).
And she has a really specific way of letting the readers know of Jane’s inner feelings.

Other info:
Oh well, you got to have a translator with you. It’s really nice we have the internet now right? You see one character there, the little darling Adelé, mostly speak French, and so she was answered back in French (which is a source of yet another nose bleed) and so to make out what she says you need that indispensable tool.  But you know it’s a good way to learn some new French expressions isn’t it?

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