Saturday, November 12, 2011


The English language is tricky, and we all know it.

Now if you're the type of person who likes skipping or sleeping in English classes, then this one might be for you. Here are reasons why you should really be paying attention to verbs, prepositions and vocabulary.

As an esl teacher, I have heard a lot of times  expressions gone bad and stirred out the imagination in me, just because what the student mean to say in his mind, didn't really go well with his sentence.

So now, I'm going to share a compilation of few bloopers they made. I have no intention to belittle anyone who doesn't have good English skills, I'm just writing this for fun ;)
  • The storm has passed away. (Should I say r.i.p or should I jump for joy? :P)
  • I suffered from hard work  (Is hard work an illness now? /parang sakit lang ang hard work.. hehe)
  • I had a dinner with Korean galbi. (ok, you're the kind of person who dates with food :P /Oh sige ikaw na ang may ka-date na pagkain.)
  • I'm breaking now  (Humpty dumpty is that you?!   O.o )
  • My high blood pressure is normal.(Just what? /Ano raw?! O.o)
  • My company send Japan for me(Oh your company is rich!/Ang yaman ng company nyo ah..)
  • I was drinking together with my colleagues in the tree (Are you tree spirits?/Mga engkanto ba kayo? o.0)
  • I ate my friends. (Did you eat them alive?! x.x)

So that ends the list. I'll try to keep tabs if I ever encounter one again, but I think it'll take long, since my students are already on their way to improvement. ;P


  1. haru! tumaas ang high blood ko! lol
    it's nice to know that your studes are now a lot better than that though. very good teacher! :D


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