Thursday, November 17, 2011

Small beginnings

As I was reading the biographies of popular actors and actresses, I realized one thing: They didn't become famous instantly; they worked themselves up, starting with insignificant roles, meeting disappointments and trials along the way, until they get where they are now.

Then it hit me. Great things start from small beginnings.

(Ok, I know it's from Milo but anyway, it's true.)

I guess it also applies the same way with ordinary people. Too often we don't try because we are afraid; afraid to fail and to be disappointed. The feeling that what you have isn't enough to get you where you want.

Or sometimes, we are too proud of what we have we think we don't deserve to play just that 'insignificant part'.

But keeping yourself afraid will just paralyze you. It's better to be afraid and do it anyway, than just be afraid and do nothing. Trials, disappointments would surely hurt, but it's the only way to make us better, to make us stronger.

Pride can be a poison inside you. It will hinder your development because you think you already have enough. How can you fill a cup that's already full?

We won't get where we want if we would just expect happy-endings all the time, even roses have their thorns.
 In the same way, we also have to face whatever might hurt in order to have a beautiful reward.

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