Saturday, September 24, 2011

Must watch: 3 Idiots

I've just finished watching the Indian movie 3 Idiots.
The film is really awesome I don't think my words could be able to explain it, you just have to check it out yourself.

It's comedy, romance, drama, and a lot more all rolled into one.!
Of course, a good film wouldn't end without quotable quotes and heart-gripping soundtracks.
So let's have some:

-The heart gets easily scared, you have to trick it. However big the problem is, tell your heart "All is well".  

-First year or fourth year, it's knowledge. Just grab it.

-Study to be accomplished, not to be affluent.

-Follow excellence and success will chase you down.

-For once dump your fears, or someday on your deathbed, you're going to regret it.

Here's an excerpt from one of the soundtracks:
In this journey of a few strides
On the path called life
Don't quit just celebrate the ride.

Listen please to those who love you
Every dark night is followed by sunlight
Don't shut those who love you. 

(not the so-energetic All is well soundtrack, but I like this too coz of the melody. Let's hear it.^^)

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