Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Once Upon a Time and Prince Charming

“Once upon a time”
Words that little girls would love to hear
A world created in fantasy,
Where a damsel in distress is always to be set free

“Once upon a time”
There the tale began
And the little girls wait patiently as they listen to the story.
Of course the magic is not complete
Until prince charming and his princess meet.

Prince Charming,
He is all that’s needed
Courageous and mighty, he comes.
To save the princess from doom
And later on decides to be her groom.

Or if not, Prince Charming would come as a solitary man.
Seeking for his true love as we know
And to find it, in any place he would go.
He is not attracted by vanity or grandeur
But a beauty with a loving heart is what he’s really looking for.

When the story has ended
Little girls would dream
That when they grow up
They would find their own prince charming

But reality is where we live
Here fairy tale love stories hardly exist.
When it’s finally time to be a lady
Little girls ought to know to leave the world of fantasy.

They have to be vigilant and careful
Before loving somebody with their all
For they would have to deal with real experience
Where one mistake could lead to consequence
And there may not be a prince charming to catch their fall.

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