Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You have to have an end goal

When we have dreams and goals it’s not enough motivation to do things just because we like it or we want it.

When like and want starts to fade we’ll start to question whatever we’ve started doing, whether it’s worth pursuing or not. And most of the time when we don’t find the answers to our questions sometimes we stop dead in the middle of our race.
That’s why we need to have something bigger than just our sudden desire to do it, want it or like it.

We need to have an end goal. We need to know what we are after, the reason why we work hard and persevere, so when we feel tired in pursuing it, we have a something to look forward to and to keep us moving.

It’s hard to run the race when the finish line is still out of sight, what’s more when we don’t have enough reason to reach it.

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