Monday, August 22, 2011

awesome chance!

Just had a family day out today after watching a movie.

Before the dinner at a restaurant me, my 2 sis and our parents( my bro was at work so it's just 5 of us) took turns in taking a picture of each other. After the dinner we had some picture taking again, and there was this woman on the next table watching us.

Me and my sis' thought 'hey what the heck is she staring at?',  she might be thinking we were stupidly stretching our hands to get to take pictures our family where everyone would fit in.

And then, when we were about to leave things turned around. This Ms. Shutter Stranger did the 670th awesome thing! She said something like 'the chance would be wasted' if she wouldn't do it.

What a nice person, she made our night! :D

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