Monday, November 5, 2012

My 8-week countdown

I should've known I couldn't get away easily. Despitewhat my bosses told me that they would let me out soon, (for health reasons), I'm still here, alive and kicking, doing the part time job.

So here I am, from the original end of contract in October 31st, I have been obliged to extend until the end of December this year, much to their pleading, and then to my wavering resolve.

Just to keep me sane, and optimistic about the turn of events, I'm naming it as my 8-week countdown. It feels better to count weeks with one digit, than to count days and come up with two digits.

During the following weeks, I would expect less sleeping hours and more eyebags, in the name of addinal income. Not bad right? Well, I liked this, so I might as well pull myself together and do it until completion.

If truth be told 
If truth be told, I'm starting to enjoy it too. With the additional income and amiable students, I think this account is good.

Plus, you know, when you travel early in the morning, you get a glimpse of life, that is not there in the busy hours. As for me, I enjoy seeing the moon, the Christmas lights along Ayala Avenue, and the empty street on my way to the office.

Perks of an early bird 
This month, the full moon was so magnificent. It looked so near, so big and so bright. As I was crossing the footbridge in Guadalupe I saw it in full view, directly on top of the building. It gives that 3d atmosphere where the building is illuminated against the dark sky. Really that was one of the most beautiful things this month. (Just a pity, I wasn't able to capture it. I couldn't risk my safety taking picture in that place.)

The Christmas lights in Ayala avenue are always a delight every year. If I remember correctly, last year, they looked like icicles dangling in the trees. This year, they made some leafleas bushes and trees out of some twigs and branches, colored it white and filled it with Christmas lights. They also dress the palm trees with round body of white lights, the result: magnificent.

Of course, the near-empty street (although this could be a disadvantage too, but I focus on the positive). Why do I like it? Well, I can skip, hop, run, sing, and walk whatever way I want without a care as to what another person might be thinking of me.

So, what's the problem?
I guess the major downside is really just the time. Still, I believe than a complete 6 to 8-hour sleep is better. Our body needs to recover from the daily grind, and it just asks a basic thing-sleep.

And with my schedule of arriving home at 11:30 and being able to finally sleep at 12, and waking up at 3:20 (repeat the process every morning) I know it is definitely not a healthy lifestyle.

So, I'm looking forward to this countdown. I hope I would be able to enjoy life as I count. ^^

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