Monday, December 2, 2013


Disney's Frozen is not entirely what I was expecting. I think it's even better.

I haven't expected that this movie is also a musical. On the first song, I suddenly had a "Tangled" flashback and for a while I wondered if Disney is going to make all of its movies musical.

Frozen is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. However, the good thing about this movie is that the snow queen, Elsa, is not entirely evil. She just doesn't want to hurt people, especially her sister, Anna. 

This movie is surely enjoyable and heartwarming, especially for sisters who have this love-hate-awkward relationship. Of course, it also shows how true love comes in an unexpected way.

 Some things I learned from Frozen: 
(PS: With spoilers) 

*Do not fall in love with a person you just meet. Most importantly do not get engaged with him (or her).
Anna easily falls in love with Prince Hans, and the crazier part is that she agrees to be engaged with him. At first, I thought that they share true love since they even have their own music video in the film. Boy, I was wrong.
It really is a good lesson to control your heart and not fall in love with someone you barely know. You wouldn't want to get your heart broken by a stranger, right?

*Do not hide in fear.
Elsa, in her fear to hurt other people especially her sister, Anna, spends most of her time alone in her room. She gets to fully appreciate her powers again when it is revealed to everyone since she no longer has to hide it. Thus, she is able to make beautiful things again with her icy powers.

It makes me think that fear, really, paralyzes us and hinders us from growing or harnessing our potentials. I actually felt sorry for Elsa for having been trapped in that room for so long without being able to use her powers or build relationships with other people. In real life, I think there are also situations where we are trapped in fear of so many things. This should not be, it's actually tiring to be scared all the time, right? Also, I once read that most of the fears you have are 90% imagined.

*An act of true love comes in different shapes.
What I like about the film is that it does not give that ordinary kiss-by-a-prince kind of "true love". Instead, Anna's choice to save her sister from harm makes an act of true love deeper.

*Accepting yourself frees you.
When Elsa finally accepts her power and rejoices that she is free to do it without any reason to fear she is able to do beautiful and magnificent things.

This movie surely has a lot of fun and lessons, and it is also full of entertaining music like this soundtrack. Enjoy. :)

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