Saturday, June 23, 2012


If there is a competition of food with the strongest (or foulest smell), Korea's kimchi will surely be in.

If you have yet to encounter kimchi, then you have to be well warned, so as to brace yourself for what's coming.

Kimchi is one of Korea's staple foods. It is made of fermented Chinese cabbage,drenched in pepper paste. It is mostly present in every Korean meal.

But be warned, this spicy vegetable dish has a deadly weapon- it's smell.
Bad odor is an understatement. It reeks of a decaying vegetable. [Well, at least that's my first reaction.]The more fermented it is, the stronger the odor, I guess. With the reek,it's really going to be hard to eat, especially if you are squeamish.

But rest assured that if you are a vegetable lover, if have a passion for spicy food or if you simply like discovering new dishes,this will be worth a try. And the more you get used to eating it the more the reek becomes more tolerable.

As for me, being fond of vegetables, I easily liked it. The spice, the Chinese cabbage, added with hot rice and some meat, really makes a hearty meal. As for the smell, well, you just have to accept it as it is. : P

Anyway, the company I work for offer kimchi pinoy style, with four flavors: beef, pork, chicken and tuna. Cool!
[Theold Interprise: 02-817-8485 to 6]

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