Tuesday, September 25, 2012

13th Book: Edgar & Ellen- Nod's Limbs

This is the six installment of the Edgar and Ellen books. Having not read any of the preceding books, it was a bit confusing at the start. But once you have established the facts related to their adventures before, you'll be able to follow the plot better.

Unlike my first impression of kids with only mischief in mind, this book actually presented the twins as having wits. They use it to fight for their house and save their beloved pet. In hopes of saving their house from being torn down, they joined a hunt- the hunt for Nod's golden limbs. In solving the riddles, they also figured a way that would somehow help them save pet just in time.

The riddles presented in this book are clever. I like riddles, so, I enjoyed finding the answers as much as Edgar and Ellen do. This book also presented Edgar and Ellen's unusual, love (if you may call it) for each others as siblings. It's like, they are born to annoy each other, yet they are one mind when it comes to mischief.

Have I told that the book is also musical. Well, Edgar and Ellen that is. They sing their hearts out during some parts of their adventure. For children, that is fairly common. (You know, the song that you use to sing whenever the school bell rings and it's time to go home.)

The twist of events were unexpectable too. The plot was well thought of, and told in the book. 

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