Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cupcakes by Sonja

Going to Serendra is like going to a toyland where you will be welcomed by the fancy facade of different establishments. For sure, there are lots of nice places here where you can spend your lunch or dinner, but if you just want to spend time with a light snack, there are places to visit too. If you have a sweet tooth, Cupcakes by Sonja is a place to check.

This nook is like a fancy bakery. With its mirror walls, one can covet the lovely looking cupcakes inside.  

 Now, you must be aware though, that the prices here seems outrageous for the size. They cupcakes ranging from P60-100.

If not for a friend who wanted to try this, I think I wouldn't have visited. But anyway, it's a new experience. So I did a little research and according here one of the best sellers must be the Red velvet vixen as it has a high vote compared with the other cupcakes. And so I ordered that out of curiousity. I got another, the Smores tart.. My friend got the choco cream pie and the banana monkey cream pie.
Smores tart and Red velvet vixen
The red velvet vixen
The bread is not dry, the softness is enough, as well as the taste. It's not very sweet, just right, and it has this unique after taste, it must have something to do with the cream.

Smores tart
Now this one tasted too sweet for my taste. The chocolate tasted like melted milo plus three spoons of sugar. The mallows inside are ok, and just right.

My friends picks:
She got two cream refregirated cupcakes. Both of them tastes good, though she said she feels like she's eating some crushed cookies, and not cupcakes.
 I can say that we were satisfied with the taste, with the exception of my oversweet smores. Overall, the cute place, the cute, yummy cupcakes, were a nice experience.

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