Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 days and counting

It has been just three days since I started my 5am-9am part-time job as and online English teacher, yet the onset of fatigue and lack of sleep is already creeping in me. I didn't know it would feel like this.

I actually have a full time online teaching job from 2pm to 11pm, late enough to make you want to get up later the next morning. Yet, I don't know why... or maybe I wasn't thinking straight when I signed up for my company's part time offer. The heck, I think all I thought about was the non-taxable salary. I even convinced myself that I am strong and disciplined enough to do it.

If you ask me, I prefer to sleep late than wake up very early. Sleeping late is like pushing yourself to the limit. How many hours you can stay awake. But waking up before your circadian clock tells you to do so is like disrupting your body's natural recovery process. Maybe that's why it requires more effort.

Three days ago, I was happy with my routine'waking up around 8 or 9am, exercising,studying french or watching TV. But now, all of those were things in the past. As soon as my alarm hit 3, I wake up. I have to anyway, prepare, travel and work from 5 until 9.

I get back home after that. (A 20 min. ride from work, thanks to my father's kindness to pick me up in the morning, and evening) As soon as I hit the bed, I go to autosleep mode until 11:30 am. After that, I wake up again and prepare for my 2pm work. Then the cycle repeats.

So in total, I think I just have about 5 hours of sleeping time! OMG! That's even less than the recommended.
This is surely a challenge. Maybe something more than I can chew. But,it's already here. All I can do now is just do it.

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