Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to go to Eastwood from Taguig - Makati - Pasig

Going to Eastwood is not really that hard if you happen to live in Makati and Taguig area near or along C-5. City link buses offer rides from NewPort City Taguig to Eastwood and vice versa via Mc Kinley Hill-C5.

They do have certain stops and scheduled time so you have to be careful estimating the time. Here are some of the stop overs: Blueboz - Market market - Buting  in  Makati-Taguig Area. They also pass along Pasig but I'm not sure of the names since I'm not a PasigueƱa. I'm just pretty sure they have a stop at SM Center Pasig and Vargas.

City link buses have schedule trip every 30 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes from the terminal to Blueboz (Makati-Taguig), so just do the Math on when you should expect it. Let me just say that it's better to be early than sorry, right? Expect a fare of P21.00 up depending on your location.

Arriving to Eastwood, the bus has a drop off area at the Citibank, and then they will travel round to the terminal at Orchard road.

Here's a copy of the bus schedule, hope this helps.


  1. Hi.. Same pa din ba schedule nila as of today?

  2. Hi.. Same pa din ba schedule nila as of today?


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