Monday, March 25, 2013

The Croods

Caveman rules:
-Never leave the cave.
-New is always bad.
-Never not be afraid.

At least that's for The Croods- a family who has always lived in a cave, in a desert. Their world changes when everything starts collapsing, their cave is destroyed and they have to push on and find a new place in order to survive.

This movie offers a simple plot of the Crood's survival from the end of the world, yet it has with it a meaningful lesson.

This movie is fit for fathers, and the whole family as well. It tackles accepting changes, new ideas, and having an open mind.

In this movie the father, Grug, is good in doing his job of keeping the family alive and safe, but he has always been averse to change or to new ideas. Through the experiences his family has been through he has learned to have an open mind, to accept change, and to aim going somewhere other than the cave.

 Eep, his daughter is full of curiosity, and doesn't like the idea of staying in a dark cave forever. Somehow it is with this curiosity that the family was put in jeopardy, but it is also with this curiosity that Eep is able to meet Guy- a 'civilized' caveman who is full of ideas. With his help, the family has survived the forest and is able to reach the tomorrow they are looking for.

I like how the movie also teach about humility. As we know the Croods has a head of a family, and Guy is a stranger. Naturally, Grug will not let this stranger take his place as the leader of the group, even if he has better ideas than him. Throughout their journey Grug has been transformed. From being a stubborn leader he has humbled himself and accepts that this time someone has a better idea than him. 

This movie is more than just a caveman story. It teaches us on how to change for the better. 

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