Saturday, April 7, 2012

Remnants of being emo 2

This is the other poem I made. And when I read it I can't help but make side comments "Seriously, you felt this pathetic?!" Omg.. haha... I'm glad that time is so over now.


I know I’m a fool
To still be wanting you now
I know it’s over
But letting you go
I can’t imagine how…

What the hell have you done to me?
I’m laughing and crying
I’m loving and hurting
And this twister of emotions
Just keep their cycle on me
In case you don’t know
Well, it’s because of you.

So what are we gonna do now?
Don’t just leave me this way
At least once, be kind enough
To see me…
See what you’ve done to me…

If you’re really leaving
I won’t force you to stay
But at least, just for once
Cease this pain I’m feeling
You know you’re my poison…
But then you’re also my remedy…

Long as I wish to
I know I can’t keep you mine forever
If I just have a power
Or any magic spell
I’d use all my might
To make you just stay by my side

But if you still want to go
I’d let you
Even if It’ll hurt I’d let you…
I know for sure I’d die if I see you go
But don’t mind me
Coz I have been feeling this pain
The moment I started loving you…

You’re the source of my happiness
But you’re also the reason of my sadness
How can loving and wanting you
Be so complicated
And the worst part of all is that
I don’t know if what you’ve shown was true
Or if you even feel the way I do…

This could be, "The poem for the broken hearted" or "The DABDA poem". Nurses will understand it immediately. Thas cycle of 'Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance' . Only here, I haven't accepted the situation yet.

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