Saturday, February 2, 2013


I'm not a pork lover. In fact when I was young I really didn't eat it.
So I'm a bit picky when it comes to pork. I only eat small cuts, and fried pork- or something that is well done.

So the first time I was invited to eat samgyeopsal in a Korean place, I was hesitant because it has pork. But when I tasted it,  surprisingly it tastes so good. Maybe because, the pork is wrapped with lettuce or because it is grilled.

Now it has become a favorite dish. Thinking of it even makes my mouth water.

Rice, ssamjang and other condiments.
Pamoochim and garlic 

Healthy living. This pork just started out on the grill.  

So this is how it go, get the lettuce, put the grilled pork- dip it in the ssamjang if you want, the pamoochim, rice if you want, kimchi if you want, and wrap it, open your mouth wide and enjoy eating.

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