Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Need help?

Yes and No.

There are times when my pride or rather my stingy attitude get the better of me, and I opt out even when I know I need help.

Take for example my 'want to do' things, like improving on drawing. Before, I really wanted to add more knowledge in animation or add something to my drawing skills, so I looked for schools, and found out it cost an arm and a leg, so I told myself, nah, I can do it on my own, there are plenty of free materials on the net.

Here comes the free materials, here comes the time, but where am I? The problem is I can't seem to stick to my schedule for a long time. It's either I oversleep, or I over surf (other stuff), poor me, my plans haven't been any close to being accomplished.

That's why you know, I realized, indeed, I need help. I think I need the help of a pro, if I want to level up too.

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