Friday, March 16, 2012

Tam-awan village in Baguio City

According to the place Tam-awan is a garden in the sky. I really didn't know what to expect here.
Upon paying the entrance fee of P50.00, we were given a map of the path we should take. We started following it, in the map there were sketches of Nipa hut, and names of places and people. So we started following the path.
mga anito... or mga wind chimes...
Looking good...
We were looking for the dreamcatcher on the map. We went up, down, further up... wherever that narrow path uphill leads, little did I know that we were still so far from the top.
Overlooking while hiking...
 I don't know how many turns it took us, or how far or near we were to the top, but we stopped, because one of my friends said she went to Baguio to have a break from mountain climbing, why is she doing it then? I think she has a point.
They stopped there, my bud and I went just one more curve higher.
I think going down is a bit more dangerous at some point. Some of the soil were eroded and you have a good chance of slipping. Some of the wood bridges were either broken or deteriorated, you can't trust them completely. Anyway, it was a good try, and my first ever hiking trip. ;]
My sun glow shot at Tam-awan
After that tedious hike, we went to their restaurant to refresh. Since we just had lunch at 50's diner, we were still full,we just ordered soft drink and french fries.
Look at the art in that sauce, cute ne! (Taken by Chris M.)

what a cozy place!
The restaurant is mosty is walled with paintings of their local artists, (but I don't have pics since there was a notice not to take picture) and they have real flowers on each table's vases. Cool! 

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