Monday, March 19, 2012

What's your fantasy?

I just came across this awesome chance and can't help but share about it.

You know... sometimes fantasy world can be a very wonderful place. In an instant you can be anything, go anywhere and be with anyone you want to. The situations are almost real, almost tangible, though it just exists in your mind. And I admit I frequent that land in my dull moments. I'll share one that I thought of some time ago. (You must pardon me for the simplicity of this because you know, there's no autumn in my country :P)
"I'm walking on a pavement scattered with red and yellow autumn leaves. I feel the cold breeze sweep as it gently stir the nature's sleeping confettis, and I start to dance with them.
Absorbed in my own world, I'm barely aware of my friend who is some steps behind me now. He seems to be amused by my seemingly child-like attitude towards nature. He captured those candid moments.
I turn and smile at him, take out my camera and take his shot while walking. It didn't take him long to reach me. I took his arm, and just like a lady and a gentleman, we walk together along that colorful pavement."
So lovely!

Well, I hope you didn't find that too corny.. ;P
Photo from here.

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