Sunday, March 18, 2012

Places in Baguio City

There are a lot of things to go to and visit in Baguio, but we didn't have all the time in the world. These are just some of the other places we visited.

Bell house
This is big, I wonder how it must have felt to really live here... and thought about the occupants. Anyway, I really love the flowers in their amphitheater.
The bell house
The bell house library

I so love their ampitheater lined with flowers!

Hi there morning glory!

I rarely see a white santan, this is sweet!

The cemetery of negativism
Well, the title of the tombs were creative enough, I enjoyed looking around. This place is small though, you can see it 360 depending on how fast you read.
Boss, y s dat? (Taken by ybeth)
Mt. Cloud
This bookstore has a homey ambiance, like it's a personal library and you can just sit there, grab a coffee and enjoy your favorite book.
With this second floor, this is really a cutesy little bookstore! (Taken by Rozan)
The mansion
So this is where the president of the Philippines stay in his/her vacation in Baguio City. What I can say is, the gates where grand and elegant; the lawn was wide; but I can't quite remember if the mansion was beautiful or what, because it's far, and all I remember where the words 'THE MANSION' in front of it, plus we had photo galore. ^^"
Grand! (Taken by Chris)
Mine's View Park
This is a steep one. You'll go through a spiral staircase. Since I'm acrophobic, I really didn't dare go through the farthest part and look down. @_@ And I don't have many pics of this place...
Because I love flowers, I took this while going down the stairs.
Visco's Strawberry shortcake
We had this for dessert on Sunday. This is the first time I ever see lots of strawberries on top. Well, we're in Baguio, what would I expect. The cake is delicious. The icing is not so sweet, the chiffon is soft and with more strawberry surprises inside! I'd love to have that again.^^
An anime cake come to life!~

See these layers, so yummy!

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